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Welcome to the world of The Beam Magazine. The Beam Magazine is intended to act as a platform for new and upcoming authors, who are writing quality material, but are devoid of any specific platform to publish their work. It is also intended to act as a platform for established authors, who are looking for an authorized and secure platform. Our online magazine contains a variety of content, intending to cater to a vast and diverse audience. The primary content is of course Literature. This will include novels, novellas, and short stories, of different genres, in Urdu and English.

Apart from this, we are publishing original articles and opinions related to literature, women, social issues, etc. We are also interviewing famous as well as emerging quality authors, to provide an insight into their lives in our Interviews section. There is also a Classic Novels section, where some of the finest English works in the Classic domain will be available for our readers. Sneak Peeks of upcoming as well as ongoing episodic novels are also available in the Sneak Peek section. Last, but not the least, the Poetry section hosts original and selected poems, nazms and ghazals for the poetically inclined.

Our objective is to give our readers original material, which will be wholly copyrighted to our magazine only. Works that are not copyrighted to our magazine will also be available, provided they are in the Public Domain. We believe in providing genuine and quality material to our subscribers and readers. We want our readers to experience some cherished and informative reading time through our magazine; while furnishing our authors a platform to show their talent and skills on an authorized medium.

The Beam Magazine is all about “we”, all about “us”; it is not for a particular or specific person. Thanks for subscribing and believing in us.

From The Beam Magazine Team

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