Secret Desires: Chapter 1

Chapter 1

She came out of her luxury car, taking her clutch and mobile in one hand. She locked the car’s power door with its remote key.

A blazing sun kissed her skin, making the ivory creamy layer tainted with natural rose blush. As soon as she turned to face the modern structure of the well known building’s entrance, her phone rang in her palms. Looking down onto the screen of her smart phone, a beautiful smile made its way on her pink glossy lips.

“Sorry sorry sorry, just arrived, coming inside,” she hurriedly told the person who was about to speak on the other side of the phone and cut the call off without listening to any reply.

She made her way inside the building and took the stairway to reach her destination. As soon as she reached the open premises of the exquisitely decorated restaurant, her eyes sighted the person who was sitting on one of the tables placed at the far end of the restaurant. She smiled and made her way towards him, who was playing on his phone to kill the time.

“Hello, Mr. Zain Ahmed,” she chirped and took the chair opposite to the person who was looking grumpy and a bit annoyed. She could tell that he had been waiting for her from a long time.

She felt a bit guilty, but there was nothing she could have done about the delay. She had made every effort to make herself free an hour before, but still ended up being late for their scheduled lunch. Her senior wasn’t ready to let her go early. After completing her shift she had headed towards her home, took a relaxing shower and had directly come to the venue that they had selected for their meeting.

All of their meetings till date had been in public places. She had never met him in private, as she was aware of her status in the society. She carried the name of a well known and leading industrialist of Delhi city.

“Ahh, look who we have here, none other than Miss Khan,” he stood up from his chair and remarked sarcastically. A beautiful smile made its way to Zoya’s pink soft lips as her whole face lit up with pure delight.

He bent down a little, placing his palm on his chest, and continued his dramatic act. “Thank you so much madam, thank you so much for your gracious presence here, I feel honored.” She burst out into fits of laughter; she always liked this jovial side of him. He had the ability to make her feel happy in the toughest times of her life.

It took a good three minutes to suppress her laugh. “I am sorry, I really am. But you know that it is the last month of my internship, and there were no other junior staff present except for me today.” She took a glass of water and gulped down a few small sips in her slightly dry throat.

“You have always been like this Zoya, you always make me wait for you, like I am the most free person on this earth,” he stated after taking his seat back in front of her. His voice was laced with a little disappointment and a tinge of sadness. She felt guilty; she never did this on purpose. But it was never easy for her to meet him, although she had always enjoyed his company. He was the most easy going person to talk with and she never felt bored in his presence. She never felt useless and unwanted in his company.

“I know my apologies are nothing compared to your patience Zain, but you do know that it’s not easy for me to meet you,” she said in a low voice, filled with culpability.

He covered his palm over her small fist, and smiled at her. “And you do know that I can’t see you sad or guilty Zoi,” he said in an ever so soft voice of his, which worked like a soothing balm on Zoya’s pained soul. She smiled lightly, blinking her glossy eyes several times to clear away the slight wetness caused by his gentle sweet words.

“And you are looking beautiful in blue; as beautiful as ever.” Zoya’s ivory spotless skin warmed up to his compliment. A little blush crept up on her glowing soft cheeks and the tip of her nose turned into a rosy shade of pink. A full blown smile appeared on her rose tainted lips showing her pearly white set of teeth.

“I am not going to thank you,” she said in her more cheerful voice. Zain chuckled lightly at her confidence, which could be seen in her personality whenever she was with him.

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  1. Awesomeeee start😍iam sooo excited to read the chaptersss!!!missed ua writing so muchhhh❤

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