Aanchal Mein Jalta Diya by Neelam Riasat

Aanchal Mein Jalta Diya is a famous social romantic novel by the acclaimed, distinguished and skillful Urdu novelist Neelam Riasat. It was originally published in a local digest in serial form; later combined and published in an unabridged form with lots of add-ons as a special gift from the author for her followers on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr.

The novel was based on the very sentimental subject of regret and consequences of unintentional sins committed in a person’s life.

The male protagonist ‘Khazaan Ayaz’, an enigmatic entrepreneur, commits an accidental crime under the influence of power and money, which deeply affects the life of the heroine ‘Zashma’; a normal young girl coming from an upper middle-class family. She suffers the biggest trauma of her life.

Khazaan’s carelessness leaves him with a great deal of regret, sorrow and self-anguish, for which he wants to make amends.

Aanchal Mein Jalta Diya is an emotional journey of love, which starts with just the mere sentiment of sympathy, flourished and nurtured through too many emotions, to end in the unbreakable bond of true, deep soulful love.

If you are a fan of heart-touching, soul-shattering, meaningful love stories, then Aanchal Mein Jalta Diya is definitely suited to your tastes.

Review by AashiIrf

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