Dark Romance: Fantasy or Failure by Zeba Ali

Dark Romance: Fantasy or Failure

by Zeba Ali

“A book is a dream that you hold in your hands.”        -Neil Gaiman

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Really, a book has the power to let us travel various worlds which we had never imagined existed, just by flipping some pages. Sitting in our room, we can fly to another city, country, continent or even another planet. We all want to live the life of the protagonist of our favourite novel whom we fantasize. We adopt many good qualities, as well as bad ones, from our favourite book character.

It is a fact that girls have more interest in reading literature than boys. And everyone has different likings, different favourites. Some girls like suspense, some like tragedy, whereas others find romance or drama more intriguing. Some girls fantasize the life of a heroine who finds her true love in a ballroom of Netherfield; some other girl may fantasize falling in love with a paralysed person the heroine was taking care of. There are many classy books of different genres available easily; and in dull lonesome days, they are really a good temporary escape from the harsh and hectic reality of the world. Books have the power to polish your inner beauty and make it more divine, but they are also capable of ruining your personality and mindset. That is why it is very important to consider ‘what you are reading’.

The problem arises when the reader begins to ruin her real life while running behind these fantasies, and starts comparing herself and her life with that of her favourite protagonist.

We all know that most of the girls like to read romance. The romance genre is mostly focused on the intimate relationship between a couple; and how they live happily ever after. But reading Romance, precisely intimacy between a couple, doesn’t mean that your life will be as hot and passionate as that of the fictional couple. No, it can’t be the same for you what the author has shown in her book. The chemistry between a couple takes a lot of efforts and time to build. First both partners should be confident and comfortable with each other. Both should try to know each other’s nature and what things pleasure the most to your partner.

Every girl or boy dreams of an ideal marriage and a happy family life; but most of all, a blazing, burning passionate life with his spouse. But in this age, books, videos, movies and other stuffs play a vital role in changing one’s mindset about intimacy.

We have witnessed so many cultures through the well known books of contemporary English romance genre. In the past decade, a new sub-genre within romance has started becoming more popular, called BDSM. This genre has created a buzz and fuss amongst the youngsters. Some youngsters find it erotic; whilst others find it extremely unappealing and fear facing it in the future if their partner ever demands it. We known it as dark romance too; where your partner inflicts pain on you to fulfil his or her sexual desires.

It has been witnessed that some young girls have actually ended up getting divorced when they are not able to satisfy their partner’s fantasies, or when their partner isn’t able to satisfy their needs which they had been fanaticising since their early teens. The point is that this shouldn’t be happening, even if you do like to read dark romance books. Such books are based purely on the author’s imaginations and seldom have any connection with reality.

The book that you are reading isn’t a problem as long as you do not set your mind on the context of the fictional story. We are normal human beings, and it is best to be blessed with a normal partner, rather than a hot-blooded psychotic.

A girl reading some dark romance begins to dream about a partner who will behave like the male protagonist in the novel; practicing BDSM and labelling this notion as ‘love’. Afterwards, when she gets a spouse who loves her but not in a way which was shown in those erotic books, the girl is not satisfied with her own husband. But, that’s totally wrong. Love is a beautiful emotion, based on gentleness and care. Comparing this emotion to some rubbish in dark romances is clearly foolishness. But young girls who are so inspired and impressed by the hot-headed heroes ruin their marriages because their spouse is not one of them and treats them like a normal human would.

It is a harsh reality. Hence, it is imperative that we take care of our girls. Without being nosy in their privacy, we should keep an eye on what they are reading or watching. Parents should build a relation of trust with their daughters, so that they are able to share their thoughts and feelings with them. Parents should also be able to make them understand about the intricacies of marriage, love and relationships. If we want to save the future of our daughters, we have to start acting now.

About the Author:

Hi, I’m Zeba Ali, a computer engineering graduate with a soft corner for English. I love writing and that’s why I have tried my hand in writing novels, articles and short stories. Now I’m pursuing my post graduate degree in Engineering and also following my dream of learning Literature by doing post graduation in English Literature.


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