Ek Lafz Mohabbat by Neelam Riasat

‘Ek Lafz Mohabbat’. As the title says, ‘love’ is just a word, but the whole universe revolves around it.

Another masterpiece created by the very famous Urdu social romance novelist Neelam Riasat, who doesn’t need any introduction. Her name itself holds her popularity in the million hearts of her readers. She always comes up with unique storylines, but this one is a little too special amongst all of her novels.


‘Mangoo’ (not his actual name), an undercover agent, is the main protagonist of the story. Mangoo fights for his nation’s youth and their well being. His determination and devotion for his country will make you fall in love with this hotshot hero. However, behind all these patriotic duties lies his own personal agenda. That of bringing his broken beauty, his woman, the love of his life, Tashfa, back to normal life.

Tashfa has suffered some very unfortunate, unpleasant and nightmarish incidents in her past, as a result of which, she has lost all faith in humanity. She has been a victim of human trafficking, because of which her personality has been deeply affected. Her belief system has been ruined to such an extent that she no longer trusts anyone, not even her partner, who is crazily, deeply and intensely in love with her.

The story mostly revolves around the main protagonists and their families. The narration by the author is so good that even those who have never experienced these kinds of unpleasant events are easily able to relate with them.


The novel has all the elements required to qualify it as a blockbuster. Depiction of the intensity of emotions and the slow burning passion between the main leads by the author is simply exceptional. Packed with some light action, thrills, suspense and a decent dose of romance, this Saga of Love will reignite your belief in ‘Love’, which knows no boundaries and restrictions.

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