Main Tera Libas Hun by Neelam Riasat

‘Main Tera Libas Hun’, a unique title with an equally unique storyline. That’s the speciality of Neelam Riasat, whom we all know and love for her versatility.

This novel is all about destiny. Two individuals, who have never met before in person, but are aware of each other’s existence, being University fellows. One faithful night, they both get stuck together. It wasn’t what they wanted; it wasn’t what they wished for. But fate brought them together, having planned something bigger, beautiful, and yet unbelievable, for them.


‘Measam Talaal’, the hero, energetic, carefree and of course charismatic, accidentally meets ‘Rubab Alam’, a simple, beautiful girl belonging to a rich feudal family. As an only daughter of her father, she has a big responsibility over her fragile shoulders of upholding the reputation of her family while obtaining her degree. But unfortunately her life turns upside down when she gets arrested with Measam by a police mobile patrol car.

After the fateful event, Rubab gets abused, verbally tortured by her fiancé and his mother. On the other end, Measam has the strong support of his family, especially his father, who was also a witness of the incident.

This is where destiny plays its cards, and they get married in a short span of time.

Measam accepts her as his wife, as does his family; but Rubab never forgets the pain of humiliation and rejection her family inflicts on her. In her own misery she takes an unthinkable step, and leaves Measam. That’s when you see our hero’s enigmatic personality; where he loves and hates his wife at the same time. She left him without any clue; and that is what pains him the most.


‘Main Tera Libas Hun’, is a story about the unconditional love of a guy who has taken a pledge to protect his wife and love her beyond limits; most importantly, has promised to be the garment protecting her body and soul. It is a story about a girl who has everything, including a loving husband she had never dreamt of, but she feels that’s not enough. Sometimes you can’t decide what is best for you.

I can bet that after reading this novel, you will fall in love with the author and her best creation till date, ‘Measam Talaal’.

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