Ek Mulaqat Ana Ilyas ke Saath

Hello to our Dear Readers.

As per our promise to provide you an insight into the life of the very talented author Ana Ilyas, we are here with her extended interview.

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Ana has risen to fame in a very short time on the basis of her work. She is already famous for showing a positive perspective of the world through her stories. So without further ado, The Beam Magazine proudly presents their very first interview, with Ana Ilyas.

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2 thoughts on “Ek Mulaqat Ana Ilyas ke Saath”

  1. Very nice interview… Am feeling happy to got to know about my one of the favourite writer… I love her stories specially all the army and secret agent based novel..her writing skill is amazing without using bhaari bharkam words for dialogues, she makes conversations between characters so strong nd effective..nd the best thing about her most novel is they way she portray male lead character, they way all her novel hero speak with others using aap nd give respect to heroin and they(heroes) are soft hearted is the main reason why I love her novels… otherwise what we mostly see in novels are ruthless, arrogant hero who dominates his wife.. thank u so much beam magazine for this interview of Ana Ilyas, loved it.

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