When The Heart Stops by Zainab Shah

‘When The Heart Stops’ is a short story by the very versatile and spontaneous upcoming author ‘Zainab Shah’. Her writing style is distinctive, free-flowing, as well as intensive. She has come up with a simple plot and story, but her writing style has taken the story to new heights.

‘When The Heart Stops’ is the story of a young ambitious girl who works as a journalist. She takes on a powerful politician and entrepreneur during the course of her job. Little did she know that her article on the politician would alter her life forever.

When the Heart Stops Fimg

Join Neelam and Hakan Shah on their journey of antagonism and animosity, as their destinies get intertwined. Will the antagonism and animosity give way to love?

The novel starts on the next page.

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  1. Hey can u giv me your email i have a thing i want to ask u but in personal not in public dont worry dont wanna disturb…… Just wanna ask a thing

    . I’m a writer too so I really loved it thanks for such a great novel

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