Secret Desires: Chapter 5

Chapter 5

“Ouchh ….,” she shrieked, as the pain travelled through her nerves and hit her brain. The man, who was standing some yards away from her, was the first to run towards her. Asma also knelt down beside her, trying to check her ankle which had got twisted from jumping on the wet muddy surface. “Ahhhh,” she screeched again when Asma touched her ankle with her fingers. Asma immediately withdrew her hand from the ankle of her over-dramatic friend and looked at her brother helplessly, who was standing in front of them.

Nazi sat in front of her and glanced at her ankle, which she was trying to bend a little to ease the pain. But it wasn’t helping and tears were flowing down her pink soft cheeks. He took hold of her ankle and she shrieked again trying to move her leg back, but to no avail. Nazi was clutching it tighter than she had perceived. Her tibia bone had by now swelled slightly, indicating some severe damage. She again winced in pain when Nazi touched her ankle bone with two fingers, causing him to look at her face. Her eyelashes were damp from tears and her nose was leaking. Her hair were curtaining her forehead. She was looking innocently beautiful. But this was not the time to praise her beauty; she was in pain, unbearable pain. One thing which had hit him hard at this moment was that he couldn’t see her in pain.

“Asma, stand her up. We need to take her back to her haveli. I think she is badly injured.” Nazi told his sister and stood up. As he proceeded to walk in the direction of the exterior of the farm, his sister called him. “Lala, she isn’t able to stand on her own, please help me.” He turned and walked back to them.

“Give me your hand,” Nazi told her directly. Asma had gripped her other arm. She reluctantly placed her fragile hand in his strong one. He gently tried to pull her up. A sharp wave of pain ran through her entire leg. She winced and tremblingly sat back. She couldn’t even deposit a gram of weight of her body on her left ankle. An uncontrollable sob escaped from her lips. The man, who was holding her hand tightly in his, sighed gravely and once again sat down in front of her. Asma had also started sobbing silently at her friend’s agonized state.

Lala, please do something, she can’t walk,” Asma told her brother. She couldn’t see her jovial friend in such agony.

“Okay, let me carry her to the car. You go and tell Shareef bhai to open the car doors,” Nazi told his sister while looking at the girl who was clutching her shin tightly, as if trying to stop the throbbing pain from hitting her leg. Asma ran towards the foreland where the car was parked.

“May I?” he asked her carefully. She just nodded her head without looking at him.

Nazi snaked one arm around her ribs and put the other one under her thighs. She looked at him through her wet lashes. Her arms wrapped behind his neck of their own accord.

He was also gazing into her painful eyes. In that mere moment, the world stopped around them. The warm rays of the late afternoon sun bathed their souls in the ocean of unconditional, indescribable, insane feelings, called Love.


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  1. Awesome updateeee diii!!loved itttt😍😘Do update more often…cant wait to read further chapterssss❤❤

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