Dil Dard se Khali Nahin by Neelam Riasat

Who does a wife love more than her husband?  Who does she trust more than her husband? Whom the Almighty Allah has chosen to be the woman’s protector and benefactor, when he himself becomes the tormentor and shreds his wife’s whole being into pieces, then the wife breaks down, just like Nawal Zehra crumbled. Her whole identity was blown into pieces, her self-respect shattered; she was deliberately rendered childless and infertile – was there any hope left for her in the world?

Nawal does have a very good friend in her life – Mohammed, who does his best to always keep her smiling. But there is also some person who is continuously stalking Nawal. Who is this person, who is monitoring each and every action of Nawal?

Ahmed is the name of love – that love may be with one’s father, mother, sister; or with someone to whom a person has given his heart up.

Hadid is the name of loyalty. When Hadid has decided that Nawal is the one, then Nawal is the one for him; there can be no other options. It doesn’t matter then how many barriers need to be crossed to reach her; Hadid will reach there.

Unearth the mysteries of Mohammed, Ahmed, Hadid through the journey of Nawal Zehra in ‘Dil Dard se Khali Nahin’ by the accomplished, extremely talented and versatile, Neelam Riasat.

Review by AashiIrf

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