Main Biwi aur Mohabbat by Samar Afzal

‘Main Biwi aur Mohabbat’ is an Afsana (short story) by the very talented, creative, gifted and promising young author Samar Afzal. Samar has just started her writing career; with a few of her works available on social media.

Frankly speaking, this is the first time that I have read her work.  I am a very critical editor; being a strong observer and very opinionated, who is (sadly) always ready to point out someone’s flaws. In the case of ‘Main Biwi aur Mohabbat’, surprisingly, I have nothing to criticize. This story is as well written, as it is portrayed.

The main protagonist of the story, Gulfam, is an established author. The story is mostly in the form of an autobiography by Gulfam, who is writing down his own faults and regrets of life which he has done unintentionally. The story tells us about how Gulfam’s life’s changes after his loving wife’s demise; and how he repeats the same mistake with his second wife Naila.

The story tells us how we sometimes want to make amends for our wrongdoings, but we don’t get enough time to compensate for our misdeeds. Samar Afzal has given us a very emotional and sentimental love story. The love story of a man, who falls for his spouses, but destiny has its own surprises and shocks in store for him.

Review by AashiIrf

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  1. Main ne ye tab parha jab post hoa tha. Aj comment Ker rahi hon ke writer ne bht khoobsoorti ke sath mian or biwi ki muhabat batai he. Waqai kuch log accept Nahi karte lekin muhabat karte hain.

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