Dil ke Dagh by Neelam Riasat

Dil ke Dagh is the most acclaimed novel of the author Neelam Riasat. Neelam Riasat is well known to us all for her versatility and proficient plot development. She has written many beautiful and heart-touching stories. All of her stories are hugely popular amongst her readers. But as far as I am concerned, Dil ke Dagh is the best of the bunch.

Summary of Dil ke Dagh

Dil ke Dagh has multiple protagonists. The author has ensured that all the protagonists have been given ample space, and have been treated appropriately. The male protagonists face devastating circumstances in this enthralling saga of love, hate and revenge. Every human being, who has faced circumstances evenly remotely similar, will be able to easily relate with the novel.  


Every person has a lot of memories stored in their past. But not every memory is a pleasant one. One of the central characters of Dil ke Dagh is Ghazaan. He has a split personality. Ghazaan is not the typical charming hero we come across in our novels. For some characters of the novel, Ghazaan is like a welcoming cloud that protects them from the burning sun. Yet, for the person who yearns for his sole attention, Ghazaan does not even grant a single gaze of affection.

The author has developed an immersing feudal background, with an even more riveting past. She will make you weep with the misery of Zhaley. She is a beautiful doctor. But circumstances cause her to marry a Negro boy, who could care less for her well being. The author will also make you yearn for a brother like Sardar Ghazaan. Neelam Riasat will also make the readers fall helplessly for Abek. At the same time, the reader will enjoy the carefree, harmless and crazily mixed up Zainab. Dil ke Dagh will also showcase the transformation of Sher Bakht from an illiterate rustic boy to a dashing devoted student. At the same time, the story will make the readers immensely curious about the mysterious Kaliya. In effect, Kaliya is the rescuer of Zhaley.


If anyone would have asked me to rate this story, I would have happily given Dil ke Dagh 10 out of 5. This is attributed to its extraordinarily fascinating plotline, supplemented by its even more extraordinary characters. 

So readers, enjoy Dil ke Dagh, the beautiful rollercoaster ride of Sardar Ghazaan, Zhaley and Kaliya; with cute and soft characters on the side.

Also readers, this is the hard copy version of Dil ke Dagh. It has been proofread again, and some scenes have been added.

Review by AashiIrf

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