Matanjan 2 by A K Zafar

Matanjan 2 is a part of a funny and domestic novel series titled ‘Matanjan’. It is written by two sisters Aina Zafar and Kanza Zafar. The name of the series describes the different and splendid colours of life. The parts of this series will be published only on special events.

We have already witnessed the beauty of Kanza’s writing style and her character building abilities before in Hisaar e Sheher e Jana. In Matanjan 2, we will be witnessing the more lively and colorful add-ons in the story by another sister from the duo, the very talented and skillfull Aina Zafar.

‘Matanjan’ is a beautifully crafted, cute and funny series of an extended joint family based in Pakistan. Readers will be enthralled and delighted by the little humorous arguments and cute romantic banters between the main protagonists of the story. One of the heroes, Arfeen, loves to cook different delicacies. On the other hand, his freewill, lazy and food-loving heroine, the fortunate Mankuha of Arfeen, Mrs Sanduleeen Arfeen, loves to eat quality food. You will be seeing some more couples in this special series. They have minor roles in Matanjan 2. However, they will be showcased in more detail in the upcoming parts of the series.

So enjoy the joyous and colorful ride of the Matanjan family, a special treat from A K Zafar in this festive season.

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