Dil Baich Aayen Jaan Baich Aayen by Filza Khan

The Beam Magazine presents Dil Baich Aayen Jaan Baich Aayen, a three part story by one of our new authors, Filza Khan. Filza has experience with writing stories for children. However, this is the first time that she has ventured into the world of Urdu fiction. Still, her character building and narration of the story are exemplary. She displays a maturity in her writing that is seldom found in new authors.

Part 1

‘Dil Baich Aayen Jaan Baich Aayen’ is the story of love in its different forms. Soha is a young girl who suddenly finds herself alone in this wide world, except for an uncle with whom she has just been introduced. Her uncle steps in to provide a safe haven for her; but he has a shady, almost dark side to him, too. Strange things begin to happen while she is living with her uncle. With no one to turn to for help or advice, she is at her wits’ end on what to do.

Part 2

As the story unfolds in Part 2, we find that Soha’s intuitions were not baseless at all. As Zayan steps in, we discover that not everything is as simple as it seems; the roots run much deeper than we can see at a glance. Soha, still unaware of Zayan’s existence, needs to put her trust in him. Can she really do that?

Part 3

The love of their country is what brings Zayan and Soha together, but can it really make them fall in love with each other? Would they be successful in turning the tables around, and then part their ways? Or would they join the countless other souls that have sacrificed their lives for their country?

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  1. Heart touching stories by Filza Khan. Thought provoking and you get something out of it. Would love to read more by Filza Khan.

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