Secret Desires: Chapter 8

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Catch the aftermath of the fallout between Shahzeb and Manjeet in Secret Desires Chapter 8. What are the repercussions of the altercation on the personal lives of Zoya and Shahzeb?

Also, what is happening in the lives of the ‘other’ couple of Secret Desires, Alie and Nazi? Is love blooming in the air, strengthening its roots in the sympathy of pain? 

Find the answers to all these questions in Secret Desires Chapter 8, by AashiIrf. Brought to you exclusively by The Beam Magazine.

Secret Desires Chapter 8

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Shamama K
Shamama K

Loved ittttt😍😍love the chemistry between shahzaib and zoya….also curious to know about alie and nazi!!!diiii u are making us wait for longerrr!!but thats okkk…..we can wait for it…as we all know u write it damn well and so perfectly….u have planned it all….so yeah…..will wait for further updates!!!love u😘😘❤