Jana Tujhe Jab Jana by Neelam Riasat

Jana Tujhe Jab Jana’ by Neelam Riasat is the latest and most enthralling, enchanting and most beautifully written amongst all her novels.

This novel will make you believe in love. Love that does not consider any boundaries or restrictions imposed upon by society. You will witness many faces of love in this awesome story. Jana Tujhe Jab Jana is a brilliant showcase of masterful storytelling by our lovely, talented and excellent author Neelam Riasat; whose words have the power of casting a magical spell on her readers.

Being one of her regular readers, I am aware of her versatility and dynamic narration. In the case of this novel, Neelam Riasat has succeeded in narrating a simple story in the most enchanting way possible.

You would be totally spellbound while reading this immersing and fascinating love story of a decent, honest SP Tashfeen Israr, and his fair lady Jugan Tashfeen. The main protagonists of this story have the power to make you fall in love with them with their very first introduction. Both the central characters of the novel are most generous and reliable when it comes to their close-knit relationships.

Plot Summary

The novel starts with a forced companionship between Tashfeen and Jugan. It goes on to describe about how they cope up with their differences; which this society and the difference in their status has created between them.

Tashfeen hates his sister-in-law, Almas.  He presumes, and is made to believe, that her younger sister is also as evil as Almas. But little does he know that his adorable wife would turn out to be totally opposite to her elder sister. He had no inkling before that his wife would have the power to transform this alpha macho SP into jelly in her hands. She would make him understand that the five fingers of a hand are not all same.

They could have been the most content and blissful couple, as could have been expected by us. But will their love for each other be tested in the most heartbreaking way possible? Will they be able to live happily ever after?  Or the test will break their souls into smithereens?

Read this beautiful tale of pure love and trust, and be the witness of their differences, in the course of their relationship.

Jana Tujhe Jab Jana also has a strong dose of humor through Faras and Nargis. They are the second lead couple of the story, and amongst the cutest of couples.

Review by AashiIrf.

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2 thoughts on “Jana Tujhe Jab Jana by Neelam Riasat”

  1. You almost gave me a loss of a few heart throbs. Please, correct the Roman name spellings to “Janan jab . . . “

  2. ہمیشہ کی طرح یہ ناول بھی بہت بہت بہت زبردست کمال دمال لاجواب عمدہ ترین تھا پولیس کے بارے میں بہت اچھا بتایا گیا ہے بھائیوں کا آپس میں اتنا پیار پیاری جگن کا سب کے ساتھ مل جل کر رہنا فارس اور نگی کی لڑائی افففف کمال کی لڑائی ہوتی تھی اور نگی کی شادی پر جو ٹپے بولے گے تھے👌👌👌 بہت لاجواب تھے تب میں بہت بہت ہنسی تھی 😃😃😃 صغراں پھوپھو کمال کی
    پھوپھو تھیں اور الماس اس پر بہت غصہ آیا تھا اور اس کی ماں پر بھی جب وہ تاشفین کو
    باتیں کرتی تھیں لیکن اچھا سبق ملا تھا انھیں
    اور بھی بہت اچھا تھا مجھے نہیں پتہ میں کیسے بتاوں کہ کتنا اچھا تھا اور مجھے کتنا مزہ آیا میں نے کل پڑھا تھا اور آج میں سب کو بہت مس کررہی تھی ❤💖💟💞💗💔💗💗💗💕💓💖💙❤💗💚💜💛💓💟💞💖💗

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