Jeetay Na Tujhay Haaray by Mahwish Talib

Jeetay Na Tujhay Haaray

Jeetay Na Tujhay Haaray by Mahwish Talib is a story about a girl who belongs to a well-off feudal family. She believes in love, and likes a boy. The boy in turn also has strong feelings for her. They both have professed their love to each other.

Plot Summary

The main heroine of Jeetay Na Tujhay Haaray is ‘Wajiha’. She is already engaged to her first cousin Farhad. But Wajiha is in love with her childhood sweetheart. So she refuses to marry Farhad on his face. Some unfortunate circumstances develop, leading to misunderstandings between Wajiha and her sweetheart. As a result, their love vanishes in the thin air. Wajiha is left helpless. She ends up marrying her cousin; the same cousin whom she had point blank refused to marry.

Now what would her life be like? Will her husband, who also claims to love her, accept her as his wife? Or would he hate her for rejecting his love and trampling on his self-respect?

Find the answers to all these questions in Jeetay Na Tujhay Haaray, by Mahwish Talib, available exclusively on The Beam Magazine.

Mahwish is an emerging author who has been writing in various online and monthly digests since the last 3 years. Her first published story was ‘Chaal’, published in Dosheeza Digest in October 2015. She is known for her simple yet flawless writing style amongst her readers. Apart from writing Urdu fiction, Mahwish is currently studying M.Phil (Chemistry) from UET, Lahore.

The Beam Magazine is exclusively presenting a very beautiful work by her. A short story that has style, as well as substance.

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