Barf Zar by Sauleha Mansuri

The Beam Magazine presents its first completed episodic novel in the Urdu Novels section, ‘Barf Zar’, by the very promising and gifted upcoming author Sauleha Mansuri.
‘Barf Zar’ is a novel that tells the story of relationships. They are the same relationships that we see around us in everyday life. Some relationships are inherited by us by birth; while some are forged by us as our life progresses. In either of the cases, if the relationship is devoid of love, or if we put so much trust in a relationship that we begin to forget the difference between right and wrong, then the relationship is false and shallow.
There are some limits and boundaries set by the Almighty. It is very important to understand these limits and restrain ourselves within them. The love between a brother and sister is different; that between a child and his/her parents are different. Similarly, the love that a person holds for his/her spouse and children is different. The rights and duties of each relationship are different; it is very important to understand the limits of each relationship, and to confine ourselves within these limits.

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