Nanha Sitara by Javaria Jaleel

The Beam Magazine presents a short narrative ‘Nanha Sitara’ by the young, upcoming and highly talented author Javaria Jaleel. As you will see in ‘Nanha Sitara’, her narrative skills are exemplary. Javaria belongs to Lahore, and is a student of M.Sc. Biotechnology. She has been fond of writing since childhood. Her writing repertoire is diverse. Apart from writing short stories, she also composes poetry, and is a columnist as well. She has a published nazm ‘Titli’ to her credit.

‘Nanha Sitara’ is for all those people who have experienced the pain of losing someone very close to them. It is also for those people who have been the victims of this agony. Specially, it is for all the young stars that were lost in the world of hate before they could shine in the sky of success.

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