Secret Desires: Chapter 9

Chapter 9

The doorbell was buzzing through the vast main lounge of the 90s looking gigantic ancient mansion, located in a posh suburb of Delhi city. The girl, who was getting ready for her college, was busy in finding her matching fiber Kara’s (bangles) in the wooden drawer of her antique dressing table. She shouted the name of her housekeeper to open the main door, but there was no reply from the aged maid. She ran towards the staircase and descended down the stairs in a rush.

“Sughra khala, where are you?” Alie once again called the only other person present in the house. But there was no reply from the older maid. She hurriedly went through the main lounge, walked past the long corridor and opened the chocolaty wooden doors.

“Hiii” she chirped enthusiastically. Her lips twitched into a full grown ear to ear grin, displaying a perfect set of pearly white teeth.

The boy, who was standing on the external side of the house, looked at her smiling face, and everything else faded away in the background of her attractively immaculate structure. His eyes fell on her black Punjabi salwar kameez clad body. Her skin was glowing under the bright sunlight of the summer morning. She was standing in the door frame; her left hand was placed on her left hip, while the other one clutched the frame of the door. Her dupatta was, as always, wrapped around her slim milky white neck.

“Are you going somewhere?” Nazi asked her with narrow eyes.

Alie looked at him as if he had grown two more heads on either side of him. “Where should I be going at this hour?” she asked him while folding her arms over her chest.

“I am here to drop you off at your college. You could have at least told me yesterday that you have other plans for today. That might have saved my time.” Nazi scolded her in a grumpy voice and turned his gaze to avoid looking at her exquisitely raw youthfulness. He was not pleased to see her all dolled up for some of her randomly rash gatherings with her friends.

“What are you speaking; are you out of your mind Nazi? Where would I go at 8 in the morning, except to college?” She clutched his bumpy bicep and turned him back to face her. She was unable to understand his tendency to exaggerate things.

“College, you are going to college like this?” Nazi was in deep shock by her reply. Once again his eyes delved on to her immaculately intoxicating figure. Her fingernails were adorned by a bright shade of pink nail paint, complimenting her milky white skin in the golden glow of the sun rays. He sucked a deep breath to calm down his erratic heartbeat.

“What do you mean by ‘like this’? What is wrong with my attire?” Alie rolled her eyes after checking down her black Patiala salwar kameez which was adorned with beautiful pink threadwork.

“For God’s sake Alie, who the hell goes to college in such lavishness? You are not going in a fashion parade. Please go get changed, I’m already running out of time,” Nazi suggested her annoyingly.

“Hey, it’s my friend’s birthday today, and after college we will celebrate her birthday in the cafeteria. And by the way, I didn’t style myself lavishly. And please, I have an overprotective father anyway,” Alie huffed at him. She didn’t like the way he ordered her.

Nazi exhaled a deeply frustrated breath, and looked back at her with tenderness. “Okay, your dress is alright; but at least tie your hair properly and remove this hot pink shade of nail color from your nails jindye (Punjabi endearment). It seems inappropriate to go to an educational institution in this state. Please,” he pleaded softly this time. He knew her too well. Being arrogant with her would simply make her more rebellious against him. If he had to make her understand his prospect, then he had to be gentler than ever. And to his felicity, she went back upstairs to remove her nail paint and redo her hair.

He closed his eyes in contentment to feed away the uneasy feeling of possessiveness which he experienced every time when it came to this reckless girl. He wasn’t sure how long he would be able to stop her from her foolish adventures.

“Aye Nazi puttar, tu kay nu kadda si etthe? (Why are you standing here?)” Sughra, the elderly maid, asked him sharply, making him jolt out from his chain of thought.

“Aaja puttar baith, aey kudi te velli aan, sabnu vallya kardi (Come son, sit, this girl is crazy, makes everyone crazy after her).” The maid came out and gestured him towards one of the wooden chairs in the lobby.

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  1. Hello,

    I love this chapter. I wonder what made shahzeb to marry her and what was the reason behind this sudden marriage.

  2. Lovely chapter😍they have feelings for each other but the circumstances made them not to show it to each other….amazing storylineee would love to read the next chapters whuch will be quite interesting 😍😍❤

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