Secret Desires: Chapter 10

Chapter 10

“May I come in sir?” Zoya asked from the open slit of the single glass door of her senior in-charge doctor who was busy on his laptop screen.

“Come in Dr. Khan, have a seat please.” Dr. Kashyap gestured her to one of the leather chairs in front of him.

“Did you call me sir? I am sorry; I was busy with a patient in the OPD.”

“It’s alright Dr. Khan. Actually I have some news for you, which I am sure will make you happy.” The mature doctor smiled tenderly in a professional manner towards Zoya. She was looking puzzled by this sudden call-up from her senior.

He took out a white envelope from his desk drawer and placed it in front of Zoya. She looked at the envelope in utter confusion.

“What is this sir?” she asked.

“Dr. Khan, this is your relieving letter, I have released you. Your internship is hereby completed. I have already mailed a copy of the same to the University,” he explained to Zoya.

“But I guess, I still have a week left for the completion of my internship, no?” she asked, still looking confused, as to why she had been released a week earlier.

“Yes Dr. Khan, but I got a phone call today from Mr. Shahzeb Khan. He wanted you to be released now. For some security reasons, that’s all he said. And since just a week was left, we didn’t see any harm in acceding to his request. Plus your husband is one of our trustees; we can’t refuse his request.” The middle-aged doctor smiled profoundly.

Her forehead creased a bit. She was unable to assimilate what the problem with Shahzeb was. He was supposed to come back after a month. In the meantime, she had to complete her internship and wrap-up her other affairs before leaving for the haveli. Now all of a sudden, he took this decision and had her released by her Dean. This was really strange, as Shahzeb wasn’t one who took decisions without any strong reason. She thanked the elderly doctor in front of her and left his office.

She was still baffled by Shahzeb’s sudden and unexpected request to the doctor, and was unable to comprehend the rationale behind it. She breathed a heavy sigh of dismay and crossed the hospital corridor lined up with benches and chairs. She entered the staff room assigned for the interns and took out her belongings from her locker. After bidding a fond farewell to her colleagues, she proceeded to make her way towards the hospital exit. When she was on the elevator, her phone rang. She hurriedly took it out from her shoulder bag and looked at the display to see who the caller was.

“Yes Nasir?” she answered her chauffeur politely. Zoya knew exactly why he had called her. He was the most trusted employee of her husband, who worked like a robot on Shahzeb Khan’s flick of a finger.

“Madam, I’m at the main entrance of the hospital. Please come out directly to the front of the hospital.” Nasir pleaded in his soft voice.

“You haven’t parked the car in the parking area?” she asked again. Her voice had a notch of disturbance. She was getting some kind of weird vibes, as if something was terribly wrong.

“No madam, I have been ordered to take you directly from the entrance. Please come out soon, we are getting late.”

Zoya disconnected the phone and breathed a heavy sigh of discomfort. She needed all the answers to each of her curious questions. She made her way out from the modern architecture of the hospital, and pulled her hair-band from her slim wrist to tie her hair back in a ponytail.

As soon as she emerged from the building, her gaze fell on the black SUV in front of her. There on the driving side stood Nasir, on his full height and with his heavy-built physique. He was wearing black sunglasses on his eyes; his body seemed rigid due to some unknown tension. When his respectful gaze fell on his young employer, he immediately looked towards the backside of the SUV. That was when Zoya realized that he had someone else with him.

She looked at the burly 6 feet figured man who was standing on the backdoor of the power vehicle, gawking at Zoya with his intimidating fat eyes. She felt strange. A sudden rush of panic laced her petite form. She rushed to the open door of the SUV and stepped inside.

As soon as she was seated on her seat, the man closed the door and hopped-in on the third-row seat of the SUV. Nasir started the car and sped it up to its destination.

“Nasir, what is happening, and why, all of a sudden, has your master tightened my security? I am not a celebrity like him; I don’t need any bodyguards around me. I am already tolerating your 24×7 annoying presence. Don’t tell me that he has appointed this man as my guard.” Zoya burst out on the young driver, whom her husband treated and trusted like a brother.

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