Secret Desires: Chapter 11

Chapter 11

The sun was returning down into the depths of the colossal river that had weaved its own ludicrous path through the heart of Delhi. A rusty evening blush was creeping onto the framework of the capital city, painting each architecture without exception into its orange hue. The cool breeze was slamming against her open hair, making them blow back with the wind. She opened her arms like a bird spreading its wings in the massive sky upon an endless sea. Other couples too could be seen, enjoying the lissome spring with their loved ones. She was beyond happy.

“Nazi, you don’t know how ecstatic I am today. This will be the most memorable evening of our life, I am telling you. And you know what is more important?” Alie asked excitedly. He tilted his head to the side and asked her, “what?”

“You.” She wrapped her arms around his hard torso and whispered into his ear, her lips were almost touching the nape of his neck. Waves of shooting current flew through the length of Nazi’s spine to the edge of his toe nails. He gripped the handle of the speedy motorcycle tightly and closed his eyes for the briefest moment.

“I want to live this moment to its fullest Nazi. I want to treasure these memories into the safest corner of my heart, for a lifetime.” Her whispers were tingling over his ear, making it hard for him to ride the heavy bike with a numb mind. She was unaware of the position he was in. He tilted his head back unknowingly, causing the side of his stubbled jaw to come in contact with her soft cheek. Their faces brushed together, as the fervent need of being even closer to her ignited within him. He stopped the motor bike at the side of a narrow footpath.

“Get down; there is a street vendor here who sells the best choley kulche (a special delicacy from north India) ever,” Nazi told her and took her smooth soft hand in his rough one. Alie excitedly followed him to the stall, where they ate spicy choley kulche with extra butter on top. It was almost 7 pm when Nazi dropped her back to her home.

“Nazi, can’t you live here?” Alie stopped him by taking his hand in hers, asking innocently. He looked at her with clouded eyes. If only she was aware of his feelings, she would never have offered him such a thing. He pulled her a little, made her sit on the fuel tank of the bike. She was looking back in his eyes with stars dancing in her big doe like eyes.

“Do not offer me such things Alie? Do you understand that?” he admonished her softly. His gaze fell on her soft lips, which were slightly trembling due to the weather.

Nazi didn’t know why he had fallen for this wild girl who was unaware of her euphoric charms. She was simply out of his league. Not only did she possess his heart, but his soul, his body, even the air he was breathing in. He knew just one thing; he was getting weak with each passing day. He wanted to be with her every single moment of his life. He wanted to see her smiling face the first thing in the morning when he opened his eyes. He wanted to capture her bright illuminating face when he shuts his lashes after every hectic tiring day at the university. He just couldn’t get enough of her. He just wanted to be with her and see her beautiful smiling face all day.

Nazi inched his dry lip closer to her soft and luscious ones. Alie’s breath hitched as the warm blow of his hot breath hit her lips harshly. Her hand trailed up on his black kurta (long shirt) and clutched the fabric in her fist. His one hand rested on her curvy waist, while the other caressed her cheek. The rough pad of his thumb drew small circles on her jaw line. He looked back into her eyes; and found her looking into his eyes. Their lips were some millimeters away from each other, breaths mingling together, and the cold tips of their noses were almost touching each other. He gripped the nape of her neck roughly; she gasped his name as their lips just brushed together. He closed his eyes and rested his forehead on hers. He was breathing hard. She was feeling as if someone had connected her soul with naked electric wires. Waves of soul shattering currents ran through her body, making the tiny hair on her frame stand erect. The coldness of the weather had long been lost in the world of molten, hell hot, forbidden, secret desires of two individuals.

“Go inside,” Nazi whispered after what seemed like an eternity, opening his emotion-laden eyes and looking at her with unspoken love.

Alie just nodded her head and stood up from the fuel tank of the motorbike. Straightening her red short kameez (shirt), she tied her long silky locks into a messy bun. She was about to turn and leave him when he grabbed her slim wrist in his warm grip.

She turned back and looked at him with narrow eyes. Her questioning gaze fell on their adjoining hands, asking him the reason behind his action.

Nazi held her wrist and lifted it up towards his lips. He kissed the underside of her supple smooth wrist, transferring the warmth of his soul into her veins. She was mesmerized by his crazy acts of frenzied love.

Alie smiled with glossy eyes, muttered a final greeting to him before walking away to the main entrance. She pressed the button of the doorbell and waited for the old lady to open the door. As soon as she was safely inside the building, he started his friend’s motorbike and rode back to his hostel, with many beautiful memories securely locked in his heart.


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