Secret Desires: Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Shahzeb took out his laptop and set it on the bed in front of him. Enlightening his cigarette, he took a mouthful of smoke in, and placed the lighter on the night stand.

As he was about to open the flip of his laptop, a soft silky hand stopped his movement.

He looked at his wife’s delicate warm hand which was placed tenderly on top of his rough one. Their skins were contrasting each other, making the bond more appealing.

He turned his head slightly to her side and glanced at her beautiful face. Her brown locks were waving down on her slim shoulders, making her face look like a full moon emitting it’s sparkling light. He took a drag of his cigarette in his system and exhaled out the smoke. He could see some rare emotions clouding her big chocolate eyes. Zoya was definitely up for something, but the mere shudder of her fragile hand was proving her nervousness. Shahzeb gripped her small hand into his firm grip.

“Just give me 10 minutes Zoya. I have to finish some important work,” he told her huskily. Caressing her knuckles gently with his thumb pad, he crushed the remaining cigarette into the ashtray on the bedside stand and opened the flip of his laptop. As he was about to switch the MacBook on, his lady’s melodious voice rang in his ears, stopping him once again.

“More important than me?” she asked innocently.

Shahzeb exhaled a deep breath of surrender. He was fully aware that she was the same Zoya who could have convinced him for anything just by the innocent batting of her long curled eyelashes. He stood up from the bed and placed his MacBook on the nearby recliner and unclasped his silver grey Rolex wrist watch and placed it on the bedside table.

Zoya gazed admiringly at his perfectly sculpted body clad in a black V neck full sleeve warmer and loose khaki cargo pants. He had certainly become more handsome since the last time she had perused him with unbridled affection. His sleeves were pulled up to just below his elbows, showing strong golden tanned forearms. After connecting his phone to its charger, he looked back in her eyes. She abruptly cast her eyes down on her hand in her lap. His lips twitched sideways into a proud arrogant smile. Walking back towards the king sized bed, he made himself comfortable beside her on her right. 

“Now tell me what you were saying.” He scrutinized her tense figure, hidden under the fine layer of the peach-silk long chemise, paired with a divine net full-sleeves overcoat. Two thin strings of her loose overcoat were tied up on her chest. He swept his tongue on his lower lip to dampen it.  He could have bet that this piece of clothing worn by his temptress wife was more scandalous than the one which she had worn on that cursed night of Samira Malik’s wedding, when he had barged into her bedroom seething with anger. 

“I i wanted to ask you something,” she stuttered on her words. His impressive, potent personality was making all her senses alive.

He took her cold hand into his warm one and lifted it up to his sensuous lips. As her knuckles came in contact with the hot pair of his lips, thousands of thunderous hot waves travelled from the base of her spine to the veins of her thudding heart. She licked her glossy lips to accommodate the unknown delicious feelings which were fogging over her senses.

“Go on honey, I am all yours.” Shahzeb emphasized each word with defined determination. His midnight sparkling eyes were glued to her immaculate structure. Her ample curves were all hidden from his drunken gaze; still the robe was unable to stop his wild imaginations, which were being displayed over the screen of his mind, sending pleasurable shivers down his spine. He wound both his hands behind his head and leaned towards the soft headboard of his aesthetic four poster bed.

“Urmm,” Zoya fidgeted with her robe strings, curling them up on her slim fingers and unwinding them again. She was unable to find any correct words to start a decent conversation with her crazy husband, who was gazing at her like she was the last thing on earth to be watched. She could have bet that he was enjoying her nervousness. Wasn’t this his first time also?

“Come here.” His soft whisper touched her ears like a feather caresses a fresh hidden pearl of a sea shell. She inched closer to him and sat down beside him. His hand trailed up along her thigh to her trembling hands which were placed on her lap. He again took her cold hand in his, and pulled her close to his heart. Zoya wasn’t ready for the sudden change in his actions. She fell on his hard chest and placed her hand on the hard rippled contour of his bulging muscles. Her eyes widened on their proximity; her heart thudded against his rhythmic one. She looked into his clouded eyes but lowered her lashes immediately, unable to look into the depth of those midnight black orbs, which were filled with rampant desires.

“Why are you so afraid dollface? I had given you a month’s time; if that wasn’t sufficient, I can be even more generous with you.” Shahzeb whispered huskily, while playing with the strings of her net robe. Zoya lifted her face and glanced up. Her eyes narrowed on his commodious reply.

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