Secret Desires: Chapter 13

Chapter 13

The soothing calming voices of Sufi singers were resonating in the ambience of the shrine premises of Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya, which was packed with visitors and devotees. The serenity of the blessed place couldn’t be described in words; only a spiritual poet could interpret the courteous atmosphere. The blessed soul, who was peacefully resting beneath the cold ground amid the scented surroundings, was praying for his mureeds and devotees to be blessed by the Almighty. All the people present were engulfed on the path of guidance and were asking for the fulfillment of their wishes by Allah, while giving the reference of Auliya Ambiya.

They were both sitting along with each other. Their fingers were intertwined and their gazes were fixed on the silver latticed wall of the revered grave of the Sufi saint; which was covered with a roses covered velvet ayah-scribbled sheet.

He was silently watching the bright face of his lively girl, who was reading some supplications with closed eyes. Her pink lips were moving in coherence with the words. In that moment of tranquility, his heart and soul confessed sincerely that his life was nothing without her presence in it. He caressed her pinkish knuckles lovingly and lifted their adjoining hands to his warm lips.

The ambience was speaking the volume of pure love towards our creator Allah SWT. Nazi touched her hand with his forehead and prayed to the Almighty that this hand be never snatched from his hold. He prayed to the authority, the only merciful supremacy, who has the power and potential to make the most impossible things possible.

“What did you pray for?” Alie’s harmonious voice was not louder than a sweet whisper.

“You. I know my Allah is the most merciful, and he knows my weakness too well.” Nazi kissed the back of her hand.

“I want to be your strength Nazi. I want to be the one who accompanies you in every hurdle and every celebration of life.” Her voice was hoarse with thousands of emotions which they couldn’t name.

“We will always be together Alie. Just promise me one thing; that you will never leave me alone in this battle of love.” He looked in her midnight black doe like eyes which had become moist by his unspoken promises.

“I will never leave you Nazi. In fact, I can never leave you. It’s totally, insanely, out my hands. You are like oxygen for me Nazi. When you aren’t around me, my breaths become shallow. It is getting harder to live alone Nazi. I want to be with you all the time.” Her voice broke at the end of the sentence.

Nazi touched her scarf covered head with his lips and stood up from the ground. Pulling her with him, he took her to a secluded corner within the premises. An older man was seated there with his back resting on the wall behind. He was wearing a long green kurta with a green sarong covering his lower half. His white beautiful beard resembled thin threads of silver. The glow on his face was radiating in the sunlight. He had his eyes closed while his lips were moving slowly along with his hands on the prayer beads.

“Assalaam Alaikum baba,” Nazi greeted him respectfully.

The man opened his shining eyes and looked at both of them. Alie also paid her respects and bowed in front of him. He placed his heavy hand on her head.

“Aao Meer.” The man held his hand up for Nazi, which he took in his strong hands and kissed on the back.

They both sat in front of the older man who had again closed his eyes. He was engrossed in praising his murshid (Sufi Saint Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya), showing his love to the prophet Mohammad (salla Allahu alayhe wa-sallam) and worshiping the Almighty Allah SWT. They both were just listening to him attentively.

“It is the deed of the devil, Meer, that you are wandering with a na-mehram girl and are not even ashamed of it. Now I can understand why you have been absent from here for the past months.

I knew you would come today, as I had asked my Rab to send you here. I was missing you,” the man told Nazi and Alie with closed eyes. They both were perplexed by his sudden outburst.

“But baba, we have never crossed our limits,” Nazi said in a low voice, still holding Alie’s hand.

“Holding her hand is beyond your limit, my boy.” The man smiled at his childish reply. “And I know that you two can’t live within limits now. You have already crossed that line.” His smile vanished once again and seriousness clouded his soft facial features.

Nazi was dumbfounded on his spot; while his hand still grasped Alie’s fragile one tightly. He looked into her frightened eyes; and his heart made the most unpredictable decision of his life, in the pious surroundings of the shrine of Hazrat Nizamuddin.

“Baba, can you conduct our nikah here?” He asked the murshid, with determination lacing his velvety smooth voice.

Alie looked at him as if he had lost his mind. Her hand trembled in his iron grip. Her eyes widened on the intensity of his statement.

“Can you stay away from me Alie? Do you have the courage to live without seeing me? Do you think your baba will accept our relationship so easily?” Nazi asked her with his voice barely louder than a hurtful whisper.

She shook her head immediately. Unshed tears were burning her eyes, threatening to come out. “No.” Her lips trembled and the word rolled out from her tongue in a rasp.

Baba, shuru karen ?” He asked the older man once again.

The man who had his eyes closed, smiled tenderly, and conducted the simplest nikah ever; where the witness was one of the most pious and devoted souls, and where Sufi singers were celebrating in their own righteous way of spirituality.

In those serene surroundings, Nazi and Alie were tied together in the bond of love and companionship for a life time; albeit they had no proof of their pious bonding to show to the world, which has always needed the proof of every single thing.


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