The Seventh Heaven by Zainab Shah

The Beam Magazine presents an English novel ‘The Seventh Heaven’ by Zainab Shah. It was originally published as an episodic series in the English novels section.

In this novel, the author initially introduced us to Dilrubah. She is a simple girl living in her small and secure world. A world that has her and her brother; along with peace, satisfaction and love. However, Dilrubah’s world is shattered when she is forced into marriage with Sikandar, a feudal lord. Dilrubah is now Sikandars’ second wife.

The novel progresses and takes us through the soft battles taking place between Dilrubah and Sikandar. Does Dilrubah start falling in love with her tormentor, her husband? What was stopping them from openly displaying their affection for each other? False pride, was it?

The novel culminates by showing us what eventually happens in the lives of Dilrubah, Sikandar and Pariwash. Does Dilrubah continue to suffer in her imposed life, or does it now become a life of her choice? Does she finally get the respect that she craved from Sikandar?

Find the answers to all these questions in The Seventh Heaven by Zainab Shah, brought to you exclusively by The Beam Magazine.

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The novel follows from the next page.

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10 thoughts on “The Seventh Heaven by Zainab Shah”

  1. Assalam o alaikum zainab!I hope your are in the best state of life and health.I have read Morey piya and I am touched by it 😊💞 .It was definitely my style novel and I am still engrossed in the life of f and J. yet I enjoy reading english novels but I would prefer reading something written in urdu though .I love urdu it is a hair more fun than reading english ones.Could you please share your urdu novels as well for the readers like me😍😍😍.I’ll keep an eye out for your response.Love and prayers for u❤❤❤

  2. I really appreciate ur work&i just like ur writing style but plz provide in pdf or in wattpad..!!

  3. O dear! Its your second novel that i read n i must say its one of the very fabulous writings. :* just loved it <3 . Really enjoyed every character specially Sikander's, his different sides :*
    Now waiting for your upcoming novel
    God bless you 🙂

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