The Hydrogen by Mahwish Talib

The Beam Magazine presents a short narrative ‘The Hydrogen‘ by Mahwish Talib.

While turning the pages of attractive, purely fascinating, magazines and novels, Mahwish had the persistent desire of penning words herself. She still remembers the immense feeling she had when she crafted her first words. In the beginning, her stories were rejected frequently; she was even rebuked by her family. However, she kept listening to her heart, and finally, after two years of failure, one of her articles got published in the monthly magazine Dosheeza. She is indebted to Munazzah Suham, Editor of Dosheeza digest, for admiring her work a lot and encouraging her till date.

Mahwish was advised by her peers to pen only romantic stories, as these were more marketable and accepted easily. However, she didn’t give up and kept working hard, while also completing her graduation at the same time. Then for the first time, she got published in Shuaa digest in August 2017. But, contrary to expectations, this did not prove to be a ‘Break’ for her. Her struggles continued. Still she approached and got published in Urdu, Pakeezah, Kiran, Khawateen digests, Alif Kitab; as well as wrote articles for different monthly kitchen magazines. She believes that these monthly magazines are actually not only worth reading; but they also polish your skills with time and editor’s guidance.

Mahwish didn’t rely on just writing for digests. Instead, she searched and wrote for different writing platforms such as online/Club, societies, etc. She believes that being a writer, acceptance and rejections are simultaneous processes; where such rejections lead you to uncover another path of your journey. She does not claim to be a renowned author. Yet she thinks that there is no harm in struggling to be one …!!

Now-a-days she is writing blogs, articles and short stories. She began from Urdu prose, but is excited to write in English at the same time.

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‘The Hydrogen’ derives an analogy between a woman and hydrogen. Events in the life of the main protagonist lead her to observe the similarity between the two. Oxygen, by itself, is insufficient to form Water. Similarly, a man, irrespective of his strength, is incomplete without a woman.

The narrative follows from the next page.

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