Secret Desires: Chapter 17

Chapter 17

It was almost 11 pm when they reached the secluded farmhouse, tucked slightly away from the locality of Ismailpur. The night was draped in a thick spread of moist fog, making the surroundings more charismatic and lonesome. Zoya buttoned her cashmere jacket up to the base of her neck and picked up her handbag as soon as her chauffeur blew the horn in front the heavy wooden gates, grabbing the attention of the armed guard to unlock the gates. A uniformed guard came out from the small but elegantly shaped guardroom and bent down to look at the driver’s seat through the window.

Adarsh rolled down the tinted window by his side and gestured the guard by tilting his neck sideways to open up the gates for their mistress. The heavy-built guard immediately walked back to his restroom and grabbed the keys of the main gates.

As they entered inside the estate, a light mixed fragrance of seasonal flowers hit Zoya’s tense senses. She inhaled the pleasing scent of freshly bloomed spring flowers, covered with tiny drops of dew. As the sedan stopped at the driveway in front the foyer, an armed bodyguard hopped out from the passenger seat of the vehicle and opened the door for his mistress. Zoya thanked him and stepped out from the car.

She was about to enter through the glass double-doors of the foyer into the main lounge when she stopped on her tracks and turned back towards her chauffeur, who was standing and looking down at his phone.

“Umm Adarsh, you can go back to the haveli. Thanks for the ride,” she ordered her chauffeur softly.

“Madam, what about Rameez?” Adarsh eyed towards the bodyguard who was also standing with him.

“Rameez, you can also go with Adarsh. I will stay here tonight.” Zoya addressed her personal bodyguard this time.

“I need to take Sir Ji’s (Shahzeb’s) permission before leaving madam,” the bodyguard respectfully replied her back.

“No, there is no need to ask him. You can go now. It is already past 11, and you are off-duty for now.” She strictly ordered her bodyguard.

He nodded his head at his mistress’s order and sat in the car, ready to leave with Adarsh.

Once Zoya reached the heavy glass doors of the main lounge, the loud music smacked her eardrums. The glass door had been crafted with beautiful floral patterns painted with different colors, camouflaging the view of the other side from her sight. She nervously combed her silky locks with her slim fingers and grabbed a hold of the door knob. As she twisted the knob, the door opened with a clicking sound.

There, in front of her, was none other than her loving husband, clinging to a model-like girl. The girl was draped in a black designer net Sari; her blouse barely covering her milky white back. She had her slim arms wrapped securely around his thick neck, causing her drape to rise up from her midriff, displaying the prominent curves of her hips and her flat belly. Zoya’s eyes widened in utter shock and disbelief.

Zoya could not believe the spectacle present in front of her eyesight. Her mouth went agape in bewilderment, while her limbs seemed lifeless. She watched as her husband smiled on the fruitful whispers of the lady, who had her red lips very close to her husband’s ear. Zoya blinked her eyes once again, as if trying to put an end to this most cruel nightmare.

Everybody around seemed to be half-sober; with open bottles of liquor in one hand, while the other hand rested on the naked waists of the dancing girls, who were moving their hips sensually to the beats of music. They were lost in their own world.

Zoya stood alone at the far entrance of the gigantic party lounge of the rustic farmhouse, bathing in the golden glow of the tiny lights of the crystal chandelier hanging from the high rooftop. Nasir, who was standing by the bar counter, waiting for his employer, was the first to spot his mistress and her shocked demeanor. He had a bouquet of red roses in his hands as he hurriedly walked towards his boss. He patted the shoulder of Shahzeb and told something in his ear.

Shahzeb was holding the wrists of Preet Gill in his strong hands, trying to free himself from her deliberate hold on his neck. His face grimaced on Nasir’s specific mention. Shahzeb immediately peered towards the entrance and raised his hand up in the air to stop the music. Once the music stopped, a tense silence engulfed the whole ambience. He untangled Preet Gill’s arms from around his neck and took the bouquet from Nasir’s hands.

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  1. Such a steamy n boiling chapter in the chilling weather. Read the chapter with amused smile. Coquettish demeanor of Shahzaib, his spell bounding vigorous glances against the dazzling beauteous brown eyes of Zoya. Zoya is like a crystal doll,splendid mesmeric statue 
    Seriously dear you are simply awesome 
    More love 

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