Secret Desires: Chapter 18

“Nazi, get up; let’s have dinner first. Then you can sleep all you want,” she lightly tugged on his shoulder. Nazi opened his eyes in narrow slits, and looked directly at her glowing face. She looked back, her eyebrows knitted in confusion.

“Did I disturb your sleep?” she asked apologetically.

“You would never disturb me love, never.., Nazi emphasized huskily. “And there was no need for you to do so much for me. I wasn’t feeling hungry.”

“I didn’t do anything. Khala had prepared lunch and dinner for me before leaving. I forgot to tell her that I was invited to a wedding, and so the food remained in the fridge as it was kept.” She filled the glasses with buttermilk and served his plate.

“So this is the reason for your inordinately opulent attire? And here I was thinking that you had dressed up in order to please me.” This was the first time since his arrival that his voice had flashed some mischievous glint. She smiled brightly on his comment; a full-blown smile, which always brightened the world around Nazi. Handling him his plate, she sat beside him on the sofa.

“Where is chacha?” he asked suddenly.

“He is abroad for some factory related work. He will be back tomorrow evening.”

“He shouldn’t have entrusted your safety on that man,” Nazi irritably referred to the guard at the outside gate. “And khala should be more devoted towards her duty,” he added. Alie didn’t reply anything. She knew that in matters concerning her, he gets over-possessive on tiny things.

They finished their meal in between little talks.

“Urmm Nazi, I think we should get you some fresh clothes. If you could just use my T-shirt as an alternative for some time, along with, umm cotton sheets, I will dry your clothes with iron,” she blustered awkwardly.

“Well, in this situation, I don’t I think I have any other option than taking your TEE and sheets. I am actually feeling as if my body is getting numb due to the constant wetness.” He couldn’t deny her offer.

“Okay, let me fetch you something then.” She immediately hurried out of the living room to get him some fresh dry clothing.

When she came back, he had already peeled off his wet shirt. His hard solid sculptured back was facing her. She gulped her saliva to dampen her dried throat, and coughed deliberately.

Nazi turned towards her, holding his shirt in one hand and tracing the tenacious fingers of his other hand through his messy locks. He was also feeling a little uncomfortable in this awkward circumstance. But his discomfort suddenly turned into amazement when he found Alie fidgeting with the hem of the T-shirt which she had brought for him. Her face was covered with a deep shade of scarlet and her hands were clammy. This was the first time he had seen her shying over any situation. She had always been confident and gutsy in any previous act of romantic indulgence that they had shared. This was the first time she was actually blushing. He had never known that he could have such an effect on her senses. But who was he kidding; they had never been this close to each other before, that too in total seclusion.

He closed the distance between them and stood in front of her, just some inches away. He dropped his soaked shirt on the backrest of the sofa. Taking the clothes from her trembling hands, he did the same with them. Placing his index finger under her chin, he forced her eyes to connect with his drugged ones.

“You shouldn’t have stopped me darling, definitely not tonight. You know pretty well that in the eyes of our religion, you are my lawfully wedded wife.” He retorted huskily and caressed her cold cheek with the pad of his thumb. Alie shivered on his administration. A sweet, yet raw wave of pleasure stirred deep in her belly, making the butterflies go wild. She looked into his drunken eyes which were filled with longing, love and something more dangerous. Nazi slid his arm around her waist and drew her closer. She placed her sweaty palms over the hard ridges of his bare chest in an attempt to prevent the inevitable collision of their heated bodies. But her palms worked like naked electric wires on his overly sensitized body.

He took her hand in his, and implanted an intimate kiss on her pinkish palm, sending her nerves on an overdrive. Entwining both her hands around his neck, he leaned in and brushed his lips on her lush ones. She bit her lower lips to suppress the quivering sensations which were new to her. Nazi traced her lower lip with his index finger, slowly tugging it out from her teeth. He drew closer again. Their breathing was warm and labored. Slowly placing his lips against hers, he moved them softly, setting a euphoric rhythm. He squeezed her plump form against his solid heated body, making her moan in response.

After some moments, their lips were moving in synchronism, reveling in a rhythm of their own, captivating each other’s souls into passionate possession. The somatic union of two souls was the only supreme conception in that stormy night; without realization of consequences that might be faced in the future.


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