Hai Ehl e Wafa ki Reet Alag by Neelam Riasat

The Beam Magazine presents the hard copy version of ‘Hai Ehl e Wafa ki Reet Alag’ by Neelam Riasat. It is undoubtedly a masterpiece of artistic excellence, in every sense of the word, by the beloved authoress.

‘Hai Ehl e Wafa ki Reet Alag’ is the story of Aafiya and Zarab. The two have been forced into a marriage of convenience by their elders. Aafiya is a divorcee. She has been kicked out of her home by her first husband. She is not even able to find solace in her brother’s house. Zarab Seyall, on the other hand, is a widower, with two young children.

The story outlines the journey of the transformation of Aafiya, from Aafiya Kamaal to Aafiya Zarab, in a most heart-touching manner.

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1 thought on “Hai Ehl e Wafa ki Reet Alag by Neelam Riasat”

  1. Neelam you r my favourite writer aap k punjabi touch style ka toh jawab nahi sachi aisa lgta hae waqi aap hamari family sy ho superb I have not enough words to praise you

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