Secret Desires: Chapter 20

Chapter 20

The storm had lost its intensity by the break of dawn, but light showering was still continuing. The ever bustling city was still covered with the smidgens of last night’s disastrous weather. Silence and bleakness had wrapped the ancient mansion into its mournful claws. No chirping of birds, no greetings from the sun rays, thick clouds were still looming over like a grey layer of velvet.

The mansion chimed with the sharp cry of the ringing telephone, which was placed on the granite countertop in the corridor.

The startling pitchy sound made his heavily intoxicated eyes flutter open in an instant. It took 30 second for Nazi to realize the position he was in, when something warm and soft stirred again his chest. The fraction overrode his senses to an alarming zeal. The sound of the ringing telephone was still screaming for attention. But Nazi felt as if his body was paralyzed. He carefully freed his hand from the loose grip of his soul mate, and pulled himself away from her magnetic company.

Donning his discarded clothes from last night, his mind was dreading the forthcoming consequences of their union, while his heart was beating a miraculous rhythm. The telephone shrieked again, pulling him back to the cruelty of the present.

He ran towards the bedroom where he had spent the night with his beautiful, innocent, bewitching wife. Blocking the heavenly images of the previous night, his conscience was cursing him for ruining the life of the only person who loved him beyond any limits.

He stopped abruptly at the door frame, looking at the angel, who was combing her silky mane of pitch black hair. 

Alie looked at him with red rimmed eyes and thick sable lashes, and then she dropped them over her crimson cheeks. Standing there in a simple white salwar kameez, glowing like an ambrosial goddess, she was the epitome of divine beauty. Her youthful skin was faintly painted with a delectable rosy tint.

Nazi had to rethink about his previous verdict. If that was supposed to be her ruination, then her blossoming would surely be the death of him… 

Everything blurred around them in the background of their enthralling union. He took measured steps towards her direction and stood just a foot away; drinking her gracefully glorious profile with his dark eyes. He spread his large palm in front of her.

Alie lifted her dewy gaze and looked into his eyes, which were filled with unspoken promises and unworldly determination. She took his strong hand in her trembling grip and broke into shattering sobs while placing her forehead on it.

Nazi froze for a second, and the next moment he gathered her into the circle of his strong arms. Cradling her head to his chest he kissed her on the hair.

“You are making me feel like a bloody rapist. Please Saba, don’t do this to me; don’t treat me with guilty tears. I swear Saba, if you think that I have taken advantage of this situation like an ultimate opportunist, then you’d better kill me with your bare hands. I would never forgi….”

Saba cut him off before he could complete his last sentence of self agony…

“I am not feeling guilty… But now I can’t live without you Nazi. I can’t imagine my life with anyone other than you. I am afraid Nazi; afraid that I will die if you leave me. I am yours, and I will always be yours. You have to make my baba agree upon our union.” Alie pleadingly looked deep into his compassionate eyes.

Janiye, just remember one thing, that you are my strength. If you are with me, I can beat the demons of Hell, as well as the hurdles of this world. I would do everything in my power to protect you from the evilness of this inhumane universe, and I would sacrifice my life over your pride and dignity.” Nazi softly kissed her on her wet lashes and responded in a determined voice thick with fervent emotions.

Alie felt a lump in her throat, her eyes stung with Nazi’s fidelity. She just nodded her head, feeling safe in his arms like a virtuous treasure. Nazi inhaled her familiar scent to calm his nerves.

No further words were articulated between them; just a meaningful silence hummed in the atmosphere.

Once again the telephone ring chimed in the mansion. Nazi kissed Alie’s head before ushering her towards the instrument. She hurriedly covered the distance from the bedroom to the corridor and picked the receiver up to her head with trembling fingers…

“Hel ll hello…” Her voice came in a hoarse whisper.

Saba…” Her father’s impatient, heavy voice drummed in the earpiece like a thunderstorm, making her whole being jerk back to reality.

“Baba sal… ..”

“Where are you? Is Nazi still with you? Why the hell did that bastard stay with you the whole night, where is Sughra?” The man on the other side roared like an injured animal; shooting   a series of questions through the phone towards his daughter.

She shuddered on her spot, still holding the phone to her ear. Nazi was beside her in a blink.

Tears started streaming down her pale cheeks. Her whole being was a shuddering mess. Nazi took the receiver from her loose grip; and closed her trembling hands into his assured grip.

“Are you listening to me? Don’t you dare cover that son of a bitch. I know he was with you the whole night when Sughra was away. I am coming in an hour. That scum will pay for his evil deeds.”

Nazi harshly bit his lips, restraining himself from retorting to Sardar Alam Khan’s cruel, verbal abuse. He knew perfectly well that this was going to happen one day; but he was scarcely expecting to face it at this moment when he was still under the beautiful spell of his bewitching wife’s closeness.

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  1. Amazinggggg chapterrrr!!!totally in love with it!!!!the shahzeb alam khan in action😍just loved it!!!was waiting for this updateee for sooo longggg!!and the wait was worth it!!!yeah,want to see confrontation between our sweet couple…..waiting for it❤

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