Secret Desires: Chapter 23

Chapter 23

“Those bastards have beaten you to the pulp. We don’t know who called us; might be your well-wisher or something, but the person definitely had some humanity left in him.” One of Nazi’s friends told him, while disclosing how they had managed to locate him and bring him to the hospital in an unconscious state. They had found him totally knocked out beside a muddy road, half submerged in a pool of dirty water. Nazi had lost an excessive amount of blood which had caused him to blackout completely.

Nawaaz’s mind was still reeling from the dreadful encounter with his so called father-in-law, who had actually tried to kill him. The old man’s brutality could be measured through the condition of his limp body, helplessly laid on the hospital bed with one arm and leg fractured, and face marked with innumerable stitches on the forehead and lower lip. He was not able to form even a single sentence without slurring. He eyed his best friend, who had been more like a brother to him from the start of their university lives.

“Ra a j ju, p please, tt tell me if A al Allie is okay or not?” Nawaaz asked the boy Rajiv, who knew about his friend’s love interest very well. He had always been a secret supporter of Nawaaz.

“I don’t know anything about her Nawaaz. I tried to gain some enquiry upon her well-being through her classmates. But they said that she has not been coming to college from almost a week. We have no clue about Alie, Nazi. We are helpless. And I would request you to please forget her Nazi; you know you can’t compete with her politician father.” Nawaaz’s friend tried to console him.

Nazi knew that his friend was telling the truth, but he couldn’t just leave Alie under her father’s watch. From what he knew about Sardar Alam Khan’s reputation and his political career, the man was brutal. He had no mercy for anyone, be it his own daughter. He wouldn’t hold back from harming her if the possibility arose of the scandal of his daughter’s affair with her driver leaking to the press. He had to rescue her from her father, come what may.

“I I wwill not leave her Raju, not now, not ever. I know she will suffer thoroughly with me; and without me too. But I can’t leave her alone there on the mercy of her ruthless father.  That man will not spare a single second before harming her for the sake of his own benefit and pride. Please help me this last time Raju. Please, I beg you.” Nawaaz whispered with a clogged throat. His swollen eyes were moist with his own misery. He was weeping like a child who had lost his last shelter. His friend Rajiv couldn’t bare the pain on Nazi’s face. He took a chair and dragged it close to his bed.

Listen Jigar, we can arrange something; we can kidnap Alisaba Khan from the golden cage of her father. You don’t need to brood over something which hasn’t occurred yet.  Just get well soon without musing over baseless things. And we will be out of this country in a couple of weeks. I have already arranged our tickets. If you want, I can arrange tickets for Alie too. We have our Canadian work visa. I will ask my dad to lend us some more money over the property your have mortgaged to him. I am pretty sure he wouldn’t make a fuss over it. We will do anything and everything to get you two back together; just don’t lose hope and get back on your roots, strong and firm.” His friend Rajiv took his right hand in his manly grip and lovingly suggested to Nazi all the possible ways to get Alie back with him. At this moment, Nazi felt a sense of deja vu hitting his nerves back.  He had his friends on his back; he was not alone in this world. His Rub had gifted him the very best.


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