Morey Piya Milenge by Zainab Shah

The Beam Magazine presents ‘Morey Piya Milenge’ by Zainab Shah. Zainab has written a number of English novels. However, this is her first presentation in the domain of Urdu novels. Her effort is commendable. She has her own unique style of writing. The style is evident in her English novels; and can be seen in ‘Morey Piya Milenge’ also.

The male protagonist in the novel is Jahangir Sherazi. Feelings had lain dormant in his heart for the girl he was bound to for eternity. The restlessness of every night and the aching for fulfilment had left Jahangir Sherazi empty. Getting divorce papers from his father-in law finally breaks all restraints.

The female protagonist is Fizza. She has led a sheltered life, pampered by her family. She is unaware that she had phupos, and that she had been bound into a childhood nikah. She’s carefree, happy and innocent…

One fateful day, upon her return from university, all the secrets are revealed and she’s left shattered…

Will she forgive Jahangir for his treatment of her? Will these two families be reunited again? Or are they both destined for tragedy?

Catch all the action in ‘Morey Piya Milenge’ by Zainab Shah. Brought to you exclusively by The Beam Magazine.

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63 thoughts on “Morey Piya Milenge by Zainab Shah”

  1. Amazing novel dear writer…I loved it but when he won the case nd throw party at his parents home for celebration he drink alcohol with his friend this scene doesn’t seem good. I know according to story he is not religious person but his family is modest right nd serving alcohol in house party doesn’t seem good. I know they live in western country but still they r muslim nd showing alcohol in house party with family it is kitty bit disappointing…ha if he drinks alcohol outside the home with his friends woh samajh aata coz uska character dikhaya hi waise hai…i just do not find this scene appropriate otherwise I love this story…

    1. amazing novel dear writer I loved it…but when he won the case nd to celebrate he gave party at his parents house where he drink alcohol with his friend this scene didn’t seem good…I know Jahangir is not a religious person according to story but his family is even though they live in western country but still they r muslim, serving alcohol in house party achha nahi laga it is bit disappointing…ha agar woh bahar alcohol consume karta toh samajh aata coz uska character waise hi dikhaya gaya hai but at home with family it is disappointing… otherwise I love this story…

  2. Asslam O Alikum Miss Zainab…. Boht zabardast Andaz e bayaan hai appka Appreciated brilliant work Stay blessed and keep shine

      1. Zainab Ma’am apki sari Novels padhni hen mjhe plllllsss batayen kese milengi qki har jaga dhund chuki hu.. Pllss help coz teeno padh li hen.. 😍

  3. Please give PDF file of the novels. It’s not convenient for anyone to read pages one by one. It gets annoying and boring to spend that much time in waiting. It would benefit you as well .

      1. At least give in an upside down manner just to scroll down and read it really waste time and annoy readers to tap next and wait for mini seconds ( as it counts) for next page. Please consider the request of giving it an upside down manner

      1. Normally, we provide download link two months after the novel has been posted. However, in this case, the author does not want the download link to be provided. So this novel is available for online reading only.

  4. Hayeee zalim!! bari dair laga di any mein 😞😍
    So finally the dynamic vigorous person Mr. Jahangir is here 🔥😍 n very innocent radiant n glassy doll,Fiza 😘😍 Literally i don’t know what to say in appreciation just outstanding 👌 as u did in your previous novels. Intensive in every second just love each n every inch of the novel 🔥 💥
    Wish u all the good lucks for the new projects. 😇
    Allah bless u ☺️

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