Secret Desires: Chapter 24

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The Beam Magazine presents ‘Secret Desires: Chapter 24‘ by AashiIrf.

Catch all the action in the lives of Zoya, Saba and Shahzeb as the Secrets keep tumbling out of the closet. Secrets……skeletons……revelations…. Its all happening in this short but compelling episode; crafted by AashiIrf, and brought to you exclusively by The Beam Magazine.

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1 year ago

finally secret revealed👏👏👏
n thats really cruel reality
wrtiter had very strong grip on her novel
make us suspicious what happened next??
jst a lil inconvenience about length of each episode
please give us long episodes like 25 to 30 pages 🙌🙌

1 year ago

O my God!!! 😮
This cruel revelation 😢
More suspense to know what is going to happen in Shahzeb’s life after this much brutal revelation 🙁

1 year ago

I actually never believed that shahzeb and saba are siblings. And finally this episode clear my confusion. By revealing the bitter truth.😣😥😫
Now what is going to happend to shahzeb’s life?🤔😯
Desperately waiting for next episode. Please give a little longer episode.🙏
And never liked that cruel old man😬 who never cared about anyones feelings 😠. He is such a monster.
Didn’t get chance to meet shahzeb’s (sassy) 😆😜zoya . 😔

Shamama K
Shamama K
1 year ago

Ohhh my alllah!!!so this was the secret!!!!shahzeb is the son of apa and veerjiiii!!!alie and nazi compromised with that old man…..i dont like him personally😤arrogant old man😑iam really curious to know the further story!!!and what about zoya expecting!!!still remained a mystery!!!!feeling bad for zaiby… devasted he would be!!!do update fast😍

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