Fourth Eye by Matia Jahan

The Beam Magazine presents a novel ‘Fourth Eye’, a Sci-fi thriller by Matia Jahan. Following the suspense thriller ‘Qurbani’, this is her second novel on The Beam Magazine.

‘Fourth Eye’ was the first science fiction novel penned by Matia. She wrote this novel when she was 16. For 4 years she kept telling herself that she could not write in the Science Fiction genre. But then she finally decided to take the plunge and wrote this novel. Being her first Science Fiction novel, she had tried to keep it as simple as possible.

She believes that this was probably the first, as well as the last time, that she could create a character like Amber. Matia would like to dedicate this novel to her elder brother Jahan Zeb Hasan. He was the person who suggested her to try her hand in the Sci-fi genre. It was only because of the strength given by him that she could write ‘Fourth Eye’; the first in a list of Sci-fi novels written by her.

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15 thoughts on “Fourth Eye by Matia Jahan”

  1. v nyc novel … maza aa gaya … ❤ science fiction pay novel likhna mushkil h .. aap ny achaw likha .. i appreciate u 4 this v nice novel … keep going on .. n waiting 4 aa next adventure from my bottom of my heart .. bht jaldi h parhni ki … plz kb tak publish krain g link .. waitinggggg ….

  2. Foji se shadi karnaa waqaii bhtt muskil hay … life time table kay hisaab se guzarni parti hay … ri8 100%

  3. A very good creation…
    A novel full of liveliness and joy…. More thrill and suspense is welcomed by us… Thank you for such a sweet writing…

  4. Fourth eye is really amazing. Specially amber and aasim. I really love both of them. Thank u so much matia for this awesome novel. 😍 eagerly waiting for the next one ❤

  5. Brilliant novel..!!!! 😍😍😍👌👌
    Fully enjoyed the character of Amber.💟 Such majestic person,totally in love with her.😍 N her passwords made my stomach laugh out, amazing yar 😂😂😂
    Wish u all the good lucks for your next novels ☺️
    Blessed 😇

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