Flesh Out The Frustrations by Rameen Khan

The Beam Magazine presents another piece of English poetry titled ‘Flesh Out The Frustrations‘ by Rameen Khan.

Flesh Out the Frustrations

Whatever I say
you won’t believe,
why should I say
you will not understand,
why should I explain
you are not worth it.

Now I understand
why you are always blubbering,
you want to give tension to us
you feel very relaxed.
Now we won’t listen to you
we will just ignore you
and this thing will affect you,
you will not be relaxed anymore;
so let it go, and we will let it go,
put in one ear and out through the other ear.

You have given us so much pain,
it’s time to take back your pain,
we will not do anything,
whatever you do
you will do it by yourself,
you have ruined so many lives
It’s time to pay back.

(Rameen Khan)


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