Secret Desires: Chapter 27

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The Beam Magazine presents ‘Secret Desires: Chapter 27‘ by AashiIrf.

Follow the developments as Shahzeb plans an ambitious scheme to ensure the Party’s victory in the upcoming Assembly elections. Also find out the aftermath of his loss of identity on his relationship with Zoya. All this and more, in ‘Secret Desires: Chapter 27’ by AashiIrf. Brought to you exclusively by The Beam Magazine.

Secret Desires Chapter 27

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Shamama K
Shamama K

Update after soooo longgggg!!!!but it was worth it😊Damn ….shahzaib and his so called ego😤iam sooo sooo angry at him for even thinking of killing the babyyy!!he himself will be responsible for breakouts of his relation!!his ego overpowers everything!!!!i want everything to be good between them!!!!and saba should be given a chance to explain herself….he is just assuming things on his own!!!!iam feeling really bad for zoya and saba apa and even shahzaib tooo…he was kept in dark for sooo long…it is natural for him to behave like a madman!!!!and i misssed u and ua storyyyy like anything😍😙😙😍❤


Just love this novel…. Awesome update. Keep it up