Palace of Dreams by Tayyaba Gohar

The Beam Magazine presents an English short story ‘Palace of Dreams’ by Tayyaba Gohar.

Tayyaba is a resident of Preetabad in Hyderabad. She has done her Masters in English Literature. She is 23, and has been writing for almost a year now. This is going to be her first published work. Tayyaba tries to write reality based short stories.

Palace of Dreams image

In Palace of Dreams, Tayyaba has tried to depict the hypocritical nature of our society, where happiness is only synonymous to the life of rich people. Her writing style is ingenious; her choice of words, specially the archaic ones, is exemplary. She has managed to create an outstanding piece of work, which is commendable considering that she is relatively new as an author.

The story follows on the next page.

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