Curse the Century by Zakir Malik

The Beam Magazine presents an English poem ‘Curse the Century‘ by Zakir Malik.

Curse the Century

Clouds had extended their boundaries all around, Sun is caged, Moon mourned on ground, Curse the century!

Vlad Dracul enthroned to paint red all around, rights are curtailed, future interred underground, Curse the century!

Buds, twigs pruned, vision stealed with fire planned, Auxins are suppressed, nurseries blind found, Curse the century!

Spouses perenially exiled even before wedlock, valley widowed, children unroofed, Vale orphaned, don’t you astound, Curse the century!

Father is unhinged, for investment once profound, sisters marooned, mothers envisaging her apple around, Curse the century!

Duets still remain unsung for others redound, Qaids gallowed, Voices supressed with massacres, assasinations around, Curse the century!

(Zakir Malik)

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