Manzoor e Nazar by Jiya Abbasi

Assalam o alaikum.

Here is an announcement.
It is our policy that we can’t take already published work, or copied content of other writers, or work that is very heavily inspired from somewhere else. So we have taken down the novel Manzoor e Nazar by Jiya Abbasi.

It will No More be published on The Beam Magazine.

10 thoughts on “Manzoor e Nazar by Jiya Abbasi”

  1. Awesome novel… Ap logon ko ASA ni bolna Chae Riaz ji ka novel mn read kr chuki hun dono main bhot fark he ap un kisi pr ilzam ni lgn..

    1. It’s an exact copy. I thought this website was very much concerned about copy rights so then how can they allow their writers to plagiarise others. I’m shocked.

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