It Starts and Ends with Us by Tani Alex

The Beam Magazine presents an English poem ‘It Starts and Ends with Us‘ by Tani Alex.

It Starts and Ends with Us

Take decisions when you are calm
Never be late to get up on alarm
The wave gone never returns back
Too much stress can cause you attack
Relax yourself and be strong
Be loyal then, nothing is wrong
Always think before you say
It’s never late to reach your way
If you fall, stand and walk
If things be worst, try to talk
The only solution is not a fight
Just speak for your right
Relations are precious above all
Save them even if you fall
True friends are hard to find
You love them always remind
Love is not that you get it
Love is what you give it
It’s difficult to accept a mistake
But it’s better than being fake
Try to smile and face the sunshine
Encourage yourself everything is fine.

(Tani Alex)

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2 thoughts on “It Starts and Ends with Us by Tani Alex”

  1. You are such a talented and most inspiring human being ❤️.
    God bless you sweetheart.
    Loved your poem 😍

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