Secret Desires: Chapter 30

Chapter 30

Today was the type of day which one could call as doomed.

It had started with an unpleasant event which had actually separated him from the woman he had loved so passionately in just a short span of time. From the moment he had seen her in a different light, he seemed to be bewitched by her exotic beauty. He had never felt something as strong before as what he had felt in those rustling hours of Bilal’s birthday party when she had first captured his attention and weaved a spell on him with her graceful yet innocent charms. He had felt a strong pull on his heart by the depths of those amazing dark brown eyes.

After that he had never slept peacefully until he had actually made her his, in every sense of this world.

Shahzeb had tasted heaven in her company. In her warm welcoming embrace, he felt the most wanted man on this planet. He hadn’t just love her outer beauty; he also loved how forgiving and willing she was. He loved her inner strength; and those sassy comebacks when she was angry with him. He had lived every moment which he had spent with her. And now in just three months, everything had crumbled into pieces, leaving him shattered and wounded.

‘‘I will not forgive you, Alisaba Nawaaz Meer; you have taken away the most precious thing of my life. You have snatched my wife away from me, along with my baby. And…  You have taken away the sister, whom I loved like a mother.”

A lone tear slipped from his eye.


Shahzeb felt utterly sick, his mind still reeling from the screwy reality which his grandfather, or so-called father, had inadvertently disclosed to him. After Zoya had left with Nasir, Sardar Alam Khan visited him unannounced. Shahzeb was about to leave for his house when the old man barged into his office. Shahzeb was in no mood of entertaining him, but he couldn’t tell him directly on his face to leave him alone. And he knew that, no matter how much he disliked him now, he still had to take him to his home if the old man wanted to stay in Delhi for the night.

Shahzeb left everything and drove back to his home; with the older man followed him in his own vehicle.

Shahzeb ordered a maid to look after his father, and proceeded straightaway to his room without sparing him a single moment. But Sardar Alam Khan had no inkling of his inner turmoil; he called him back in the main lounge. When Shahzeb returned downstairs, he saw his father drinking whiskey openly.

“You shouldn’t have brought this thing to my home. That’s indecently ridiculous.” Shahzeb uttered with clenched teeth. He had started drinking alcohol himself but still, he took no pride in the habit. It wasn’t as if the bottle of whisky was the Nobel Prize, to be proudly displayed at home. He hated himself for being drawn into alcohol. He still believed that taking refuge under the influence of alcohol is the most cowardly thing a man can do.

“Don’t teach me what is indecent and what is not,” the old man huffed with an annoying voice. “Come join me, I know you have already thrown that girl out of your house. You should have done that a long time before, but still, it’s never too late.” Sardar Alam Khan announced proudly in his arrogance. Shahzeb had to stop himself from lashing his anger out on this pathetic excuse of a man. He fisted both his hands on either sides and took a deep calming breath.

“Too bad for you, I didn’t throw her out.” He sat in front of him on the exquisite velvet sofa and lightened up a cigarette. “She is the one who left me; she actually shunned me out from her life.” He affirmed mockingly, and took a long drag of smoke. Sardar Alam Khan gazed at his disheveled profile keenly. He looked dull. His face had become leaner, his stubble had turned into a small wild beard, making him all the more rough. He filled another goblet with whisky from a cut-glass decanter and pushed it towards him.

“I don’t drink in my home; in fact, I would rather suggest that you do not bring any alcohol here again. It’s a home baba; we keep it clean from any filth, dirt and impurity. I may have started drinking it, but I do not like it.” Shahzeb told him firmly. The older man seemed unaffected though.

“Ahhh, talking about all silly morals and barren values,” Sardar Alam Khan laughed at his own nasty humor. Shahzeb felt as if he had poured acid on his whole being.

“Yeah, quite unusual, no? A bastard talking about family values and morals,” he cruelly jested, and laughed like a lunatic, till his eyes got misty.

“You shouldn’t have adopted me. I should have been punished for my mother’s sins. In fact, maybe that’s how I would have been able to know about my coward father,” he ferally retorted. “And besides, you don’t actually like me,” he coldly declared, looking directly at his grandfather’s eyes.

“Yes, you are right, I don’t like you. I don’t think any man in his right state of mind would ever like his teenage daughter’s illegitimate child. But I liked my daughter; in fact, I loved her too much, for my own liking.” The man gulped down the remaining golden drink. “I couldn’t have killed her, she was my weakness,” he laughed humorlessly. Shahzeb felt him utterly powerless at this moment, accepting his defeat, and trying to palliate his evil actions in the past.

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  1. From the starting i was reading this book then it got vanished and i felt bad then i got to know its in this website i became so happy ,now even with my busy scedule of flying i keep on checkinge whether u updated or not ,amazing story…loved it..

  2. OMG I can’t imagine what Nawaz will do if he gets to know about the reason behind her this condition…..

  3. Ya Allah why did u stop here 🙁 I literally hate cliffhangers… I want to read more 😭😭😭😭

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