Secret Desires: Chapter 31

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The Beam Magazine presents ‘Secret Desires: Chapter 31‘ by AashiIrf.

Catch the action as Zoya and Shahzeb try to come to terms with their current circumstances. Also see what happens as Nawaaz returns back to India. Is a showdown looming over the horizon between Nawaaz and Shahzeb? All this and much more, in ‘Secret Desires: Chapter 31’, by AashiIrf.

Secret Desires Chapter 31

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all the damages done by that arrogant Grandpa huh
he must be punished hard
real life satan 😈😈

Zafreen Gundu
Zafreen Gundu

Well written..Writer has good grip over the plot,well described the complexes of elite class where the center of everything lies in wealth, power,and true love matter no more.loved the characters of Saba and Nawaz and their unconditional love.What makes Shahzeb’s character intriguing and fascinating are the imperfections in him a character that is very realistic, mixture of good and bad,soft corner for the loved one,but demanding nature and stubborn,strong headed and goes to any extent to take revenge.


y r u not regular with your own choosen updating schedule?? if u cant update, let the readers know…


I donno why shehzab seems like a villian here . … a person who lost his identity over night, a person who got to know that his whole life was a lie….how do you expect him to behave?…he wasn’t a saint like female lead who can handle everything! And the female lead seems to have Understanding for everyone other than her husband….. after knowing the truth she still thinks of him hurting her and the so called parents…..the story plot shows male lead like a selfish villian now but everyone in the book is selfish fools but male lead……ive been… Read more »