Secret Desires: Chapter 32

Chapter 32

“He is demanding an apology statement in front of the media that Preet had misinterpreted his motives. He also wants her to apologize on national television.” Shahzeb looked up at the girl sitting in front of him; he could see the uncomfortable tapping of her fingers over the wooden table. He turned towards Raghav, who was handling the case himself.

“Tell the bastard that Preet would never apologize to him, neither in public, nor in private. Also tell him that this out-of-court settlement is for his benefit, not ours. We are already in the stronger position.”

“Shahzeb, if it’s really important to you, then I will do it, no problem,” the girl replied with an utter longing in her voice. Shahzeb could feel an avid yearning pooling into her dark eyes. No wonder Zoya was so persistent in believing the notion of their affair. He shook his head at the memory of her. Why couldn’t he work even for five minutes without thinking of ‘her’?

“No. What I want is not worth the price of your reputation and social status. I would rather lose the game instead,” Shahzeb affirmed to Preet in an assuring manner. Raghav rolled his eyes on hearing his employer’s flattering announcement for the girl.

Sneaky flirt. ..

“So it’s a ‘no’ for an out-of-court settlement?” Raghav asked Shahzeb.

“Yes, definitely; this opportunity was more to their benefit than ours. Just because we approached them for an out-of-court settlement does not mean that they can compel us for whatever damn thing they want. Only a stupid fool like his lawyer would think like that and come up with such ideas. Call off the out-of-court settlement. Inform his lawyer that the offer is no longer on the table,” Shahzeb drawled silkily as he took a long swig of his cigarette.

“Nasir, drop Preet at her home safely,” Shahzeb ordered Nasir, who was sitting on a couch in the far corner. Nasir nodded his head and stood up, proceeding towards the exit without waiting for the girl.

“She has changed you; do you know that?” Preet mused meaningfully. Shahzeb looked at her and smiled his signature sexy smile, the one that was enough to melt a girl’s heart, like ice cream on a hot brownie.

“No, she didn’t. It’s just that you have finally accepted the fact that I am a married man now.” He rasped lazily, trying to make the atmosphere less tense as he stood up and took her slim, yet beautifully curvaceous body in his warm embrace.

Preet felt her eyes stinging with an unknown pain. She boldly wound her arms around him and kissed his cheek. Shahzeb could feel her misty gaze engulfing his raw ruggedly handsome features. Her eyes were greedily feasting on his face as she ran her fingers on his hair roughened jaw line.

“I just wish, for our sake, that she wouldn’t mind our friendship and pressurize you for ending the bond.” Preet retorted playfully. Shahzeb’s lips twitched sideways. He wound his arm around her bare shoulders. If only Preet could ever witness the jealousy of his wife; she would have turned into ashes by Zoya’s burning gaze.

“You know, I can wear those skimpy clothes in public if you find them sexy and appealing.” She had seductively challenged him, when she was in his Ismailpur farmhouse with him and saw Preet Gill clinging to his body in her see through net sari with a backless scandalously low-cut blouse.

“I would rather have you wrapped up in an oversized bag.” He had announced in a serious undertone while rolling her over his solid chest, running his fingers through her wavy brown locks.

Shahzeb looked at the departing contour of Preet Gill as she sat on the passenger seat with Nasir. She was wearing an off-shoulder corset top which was hugging her chest generously; not in a slutty way, but surely like a supermodel. It was paired with a low-waist slim-fit jeans, accentuating her shapely legs and rear. Zoya had never worn anything like that in front of him; except for that single occasion when they consummated their marriage, when she wore an exquisitely sexy nightie. But still, that was not even close to the dresses Preet wore, that too in broad daylight in public. Zoya, instead, had the habit of wearing something awfully loose on her slim shoulders that could be easily paired with her ankle length leggings or pants.

A bolt of lightning hit his mind, rendering him breathless; just thinking about the things worn by his innocent wife, which he had found in her condo this morning when he was picking up his discarded T-shirt from one of the chairs. Although he couldn’t fathom how and when she had got ‘them’, peeking through her half open duffle bag.

“Fuck”. Hr cursed loudly.

“Man, you are such a perv.” He heard Raghav’s annoyed voice behind him. Nasir had driven away just a moment ago. Shahzeb realized he was still looking straight in the direction of the departing Preet. Raghav had most certainly noticed him scrutinizing her. Shahzeb drew a deep breath and crushed his cigarette with his boot.

Raghav could never have guessed his messed up brain; that eying a random woman and imagining his wife in most erotic dressing, was his new found fondness.

“I am leaving; tell me if you want anything.” Raghav asked him while collecting his cell phone from the table. Shahzeb loosened his rigid muscles and slumped on the leather recliner. He turned towards his man.

“You look pissed.”

“Yes, because you were acting like a total flirt.” Raghav bit back at his employer’s declaration. “God, I can’t even fathom the reasons behind your crazy plotting in this Manjeet affair, especially when your mother is on a hospital bed and your pregnant wife is mad at you.”

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