Secret Desires: Chapter 34

Chapter 34

“Do you really think it would work?” Raghav eyed Shahzeb who seemed lost in another world.

It had been two months since he had been living alone. He had tried talking with his mother in those two months, but every time his father picked up the phone and handled him very rudely. He just wouldn’t allow him to even talk with Saba. Shahzeb had even tried to apologize to him, but Nawaaz had sternly instructed him that he had to come over there if he wanted to talk with his mother; no telephonic apology or conversation would be entertained. This was the first time that Shahzeb had actually experienced how tough a father Nawaaz could be. Nawaaz had also transferred all of his workload over to Shahzeb; although it wasn’t the first time that Nawaaz had asked Shahzeb to handle his company’s head office while he was away. Shahzeb had always been taking care of his vast business whenever Nawaaz had been away on a business tour before. But it was certainly the first time that he had simply ordered him to do a daily visit to his main offices and warehouses.

Shahzeb was actually working every damn night, right up to the tiring midnight hours, handling everything with his personal ‘interest’. He had tried to tell Nawaaz that Bilal’s semester had ended and he could come to Delhi and help him.

“He is coming over here to Dubai; he will handle the new project here, the one that we had started a month ago. I am tired now, and I want to spend some quality time with my wife along with my daughter. Perhaps you could join us here if you want.” Nawaaz had simply announced on the phone.

He could not tell his father that he had something very important to be done here; there was no way he could leave Delhi before that. He had ‘unfinished business’ here. He had to complete what he had started. He, along with his two right-hand men Raghav and Nasir, had been working on every damn detail with the utmost perfection. He certainly couldn’t leave Delhi, nor leave anything to chance, when victory was just a speck away. After that he would go to his mother with a special gift and would ask for her apology. He was sure that he his mother wouldn’t resist when she sees him in front of her. She would kiss his forehead and run her soothing fingers on his facial features, just like she used to do whenever he would come back from his long tours. He missed his mother so much. He longed for her loving caresses.

There was another reason why he couldn’t leave for Dubai, his ‘amma’. The one soul he could never leave behind. He still regularly visited her every weekend, no matter how tiring his weekdays had been. He just couldn’t leave her.

Nawaaz had, in-fact, asked his mother-in-law to come along with them to Dubai, but she was reluctant to leave her home and her husband. As far as she was concerned, she couldn’t just leave his cursed soul; she was bound to be by his side, in his good, as well as his worst times. Shahzeb had so many things to do, but the toughest of them all, was kissing his darling little queen’s anger awa…

Jigar, come back down to earth.” Raghav flicked his fingers in front of him, bringing him back from his chain of thought.

“What?” Shahzeb asked annoyingly. Raghav had interrupted him just when his mind was about to wander in another one of those exploratory tours of his sexy wife, where he thinks about her beautiful contour and the naughty things he had found in her condo, in the most erotic way possible. This had also become a habit with Shahzeb, thinking about Zoya and imagining her beside him.

Jani, even that question has been covered with rust now. Tell me what were you thinking? But don’t tell me the details, I am not interested.” Raghav asked him mischievously, winking at Nasir who was sitting in front of him. Both burst into fits of laughter. Shahzeb cursed them both in a low voice as it was just 4 in the afternoon and all his household workers were present.

Baji.” Shahzeb called his cook loudly enough so that his voice could reach the kitchen of his house.

Ji sahab.” The servant immediately appeared at her master’s service.

“Please make some coffee.” Shahzeb requested her respectfully. She nodded her head and started to proceed towards the kitchen.

Baji please make something to eat as well; would be perfect if you can arrange one of your chicken snacks.” Raghav stopped Shabbo and requested eagerly.

Ji sahab, just give me 15 minutes.” Shabbo hurriedly went back to the kitchen to prepare their snacks.

“Man, I just realized I didn’t have lunch today. You know what, you ought to increase my pay, considering the fact that I have to work extremely hard, right up to midnight.” Raghav stated in a matter of fact manner.

“This three piece Burberry suit that you are wearing today gives a pretty good indication of your pay,” Shahzeb pointed at his blue pinstripe slim fit suit. Raghav scoffed at his friend’s witty remark.

“By the way, why are you wearing a suit on a weekend when you wear those denims and cotton shirts most of the days?”

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  1. Ahhh!! I’m legit awestruck at their love!! This was so beautiful written. Made my heart melt. Ufff my heartt❤❤❤

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