Secret Desires: Chapter 35

Chapter 35

“Why did you arrange for a cake when you don’t like it?” she asked him teasingly. She knew her husband too well; Shahzeb was never keen on predictable boring celebrations which other people find romantic, like celebrating their lover’s birthday or anniversary, or even Valentine’s Day. He liked the celebration to be purely pleasurable and intimate, with no intruders and time wasting decorations.

“I wanted to be a bit romantic today, like those dreamy kind of husbands from the romance novels that you are so fond of.” He took her to the balcony overlooking the crystal clear water of the private pool, illuminated with the reflection of LED lights. Handing her a knife, he stood behind her.

“This is not your style of being romantic. Anyway, I too am not into these things,” she laughed and sliced through the silky soft cake, taking out a small piece for her husband.

“Thank you so much darling, I was just being nice.” He took the piece from her hand and fed her. Dipping his finger on the chocolate frosting, he then smeared her slender neck with it.

Zoya looked at her husband’s craziness over her shoulder; her breath hitched in her chest. Shahzeb’s one arm was securely wrapped below her bosom; with his other arm, he parted her hair away from her neck and gave her his signature sexy smile before darting his tongue out and licking the frosting away from her neck. She shuddered, and turned in his arms, facing him.

“I don’t want you to be nice,” she whispered coyly on the shell of his ear, nipping it lightly with her teeth. Shahzeb felt blood rushing in his body, attacking his senses. He grabbed a fistful of her hair.

“I know you don’t, that’s why I have something to show you, come and be relaxed. God, you wear so many clothes,” he complained huskily.

“Hey…” Zoya bit her lip to suppress her smile, trying to act as if she was offended by her husband’s boldness.

“I mean just look at the size of it, for heaven’s sake. I am sure the amount of fabric used in your maxi would have been enough for making at least three different designer dresses.” He stated annoyingly and made her sit on one of the plush leather couches. He then grabbed her scarf and peeled it off.

“Yeah, by a lingerie designer,” Zoya scoffed. Shahzeb chuckled on her sassy reply; he then sat in front of her on the cream furry carpeted floor and unbuckled her Wedges. Freeing her feet from its grip, he laid her feet on the coffee table. Even her feet looked a little plump to him. He kissed the silky skin just above her ankle; she chuckled at the slight tickle caused by his warm lips.

“The little one is serving you generously. Pregnancy really suits you; I love how you feel a little plumper.” He placed his head on her outstretched legs and winked at her.

“Thanks buddy, for taking care of your Mother.” Shahzeb kissed her belly once again and rose up to her bosom, guzzling her sensual intoxicating fragrance. Zoya bit her lips as a pleasurable moan threatened to come out from her lips.  Her breathing sped up. She took his head by fisting his luxurious hair softly and made him look back into her eyes.

“You were supposed to show me something,” she asked in a rather sultry voice.

“You made me forget.” He smiled at her…

“I did no such thing.” Zoya whispered and straightened some silky strands back over his forehead.

“You don’t have to. Your presence is all I need to forget everything.” He kissed her forehead and grabbed his leather hand-carry, taking out a white paper envelope. Zoya was looking at him with narrowed eyes while collecting her long hair in a messy bun. Shahzeb sat beside her with the envelope. He could see the bubbling excitement within her chocolaty orbs. He handed her the envelope, gestured her to open it. She excitedly tore away at the paper, oblivious to her husband’s wicked grin that was plastered on his sensuous mouth.

As soon as she retrieved the contents of the envelope, her jaw literally dropped to the floor while her eyes widened in shock and embarrassment. There were total three flowers in the envelope, with strings attached to them, in sheer purple and bright pink.

“Oh my God! You thief. You are so mean.” She cried in utter horror, slapping his hard chest which was rumbling with laughter.

“Uff, I will never forgive you for this.” She hid her heated face into her palms. She could still hear his soft chuckles.

“Darling, there is nothing to be ashamed about it. We have crossed that line of embarrassment months ago.” Shahzeb softly peeled her hands away from her face.

“In fact, I found it to be something so blatantly exciting. I had never guessed that my innocent little wife could be so damn sexy and experimental. Just tell me, where did you buy this scandalous piece of clothing, and why did I find them in your friend’s apartment?” He asked her while kissing her hands and eyeing the scattered two pieces of the skimpiest and scandalous clothes one could own.

“I didn’t buy it. Do you really think I could buy such things? It was a gift,” she whispered. She could feel his eyes wandering around the piece and imagining her in those. Zoya felt a tremor ran down her spine in anticipation.

“What! A gift? Who the hell is giving my wife such gifts?” To say that Shahzeb was shocked after hearing his wife’s confession would be an understatement. His heart thumped loudly in his chest, thinking about the person who could gift his wife such a thing. He knew it would be one of her close friends but still, she could have imagined Zoya the way he was imagining her every damn night in those flowers.

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