Blue-Sect by Aina Zafar

The Beam Magazine presents an English short story β€˜Blue-Sect: A Step Towards Successβ€˜ by Aina Zafar.

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Blue-Sect is a science-fiction based novel by the author Aina Zafar. It is written in a lucid style, with emphasis on simplicity of expression. A lot of aspiring English authors make the mistake of deliberately using complicated words and expressions in their writing. What results is a piece of writing which has a lot of hard words. The document may look polished and urbane, but is essentially difficult to read or understand. Here the author has kept the language simple and lucid and the sentences short. What we have then is a simple and easy on the eye short story, by Aina Zafar.

The novel follows from the next page.

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  1. Great dear… God give u more success ND who one feeling jelousy… Usi jealousy mn jl jae…

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