Tees Sawaal by Matia Jahan

The Beam Magazine presents a complete novel ‘Tees Sawaal’, an eternal love story, by Matia Jahan.

Matia has already published two novels, Qurbani and Fourth Eye, with The Beam Magazine. This time, Matia presents to her readers her magnum opus. Tees Sawaal is a complete novel in all respects. It has a very strong plot and storyline. It covers a wide range of emotions and issues, but the underlying theme of the novel is love; love so strong that it overcomes insurmountable obstacles; and triumphs in the face of overwhelming adversities.

Matia has a propensity of writing female centric novels, wherein the female protagonist is displayed as a very strong character. This novel by Matia is no different. The main lead, Khanak, is shown to have impeccable character and integrity; and the ability to engage with anyone to protect her love.

Tees Sawaal is a blockbuster, in every sense of the word; crafted by Matia Jahan and brought to you exclusively by The Beam Magazine.

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