Zindagi ki Zamanat Tera Naam by Biya Ahmed

The Beam Magazine presents a complete novel ‘Zindagi ki Zamanat Tera Naam’ by Biya Ahmed.

Biya Ahmed is a Karachi based emerging Urdu author. She is a pharmacist by profession.

Biya’s  writing style is lucid and free-flowing. She received immense fame for her debut novel ‘Anmol Muhabbat’. After that, she has authored three more novels, named ‘Main Pagal Deewana Tera’, ‘Mera Hath Tha Tere Hath Main’, and the most recent one ‘Teri Berukhi Meri Chahat’. She is well known for the quality of her work, the clarity of her plots, the uniqueness of her characters and the simplicity of her language.

‘Zindagi ki Zamanat Tera Naam’ is the story of thankfulness and gratitue (shukr) towards Allah. It is the story of  patience (sabr) as well as having  trust (bharosa) on the Almighty. It is also the story of jealousy (hasad) and how it destroys a person.

The story revolves around Zain Ahmed. Zain has an unwavering faith in Allah. The faith remains firm through thick and thin. It is unbroken, in comfort as well as in adversity. The female protagonist of the story is Maryam Zain. She is a slightly naïve woman, who looks at the world with her innocent eyes. Because of this, she is easy to manipulate. In such conditions, it is only her husband Zain’s firm support and guidance that protects her. Another important character of the story is Nagina, who is immersed in jealousy. This jealousy is what ultimately destroys her.

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62 thoughts on “Zindagi ki Zamanat Tera Naam by Biya Ahmed”

  1. Speechless, fabulous, brilliant and heart touching work. Such a nice writer, sweet and lovely. Allah blessed you. Ameen

  2. Outstanding novel…. The way you put your thoughts in words was so so beautiful…. The character of zain was simply owesome….

  3. Biya Ahmad…Thank u so much for this great novel….jo b isy read kry ga behad like kry ga mn ny 1 rat mn complet kia h isy…yqeen nai krn gi ap k meri kia feelings hn..apk is novel se dil ko boht skoon mila Allah k r qreeb jany ka moqa mila h…pehly duain prrti thi ab to r b zaida duain yd kron gi r apni zindgi mn hr kam k ly apply b kron gi.InshaAllah.Allah apko seht tndrostii wali lmbi omr ata kry.ameen.Allah hr lrrki ho ZainAhmad jesa shohr ata kry.Ameen.Shohr aesa ho k hath pkrr k jnt ki trf ly k jay na k dunia ki rangeenion mn gm ho jay…Allah ap p apna khas krm kry r doba phr aesa hi acha novel likhy ga isy prr k dil ko skoon mily r lesson b ho…zindgii snwr jay prrny wali ki…Thanks a lot Biya Ahmad g.

    1. Biya Zia Ahmed

      Jazaaakillahu khair.. 🥰🥰😘😘
      Allah aap logun ki zindagiyan bhi khushiyun se bhar De Ameen.. 🥰🥰

  4. Ameen summa ameen apki dua k lye 🤗❤️ and Jazzak Allah for such a lovely novel. Have no words to describe my feeling’s. Love you aloot and stay blessed ❤️😍🤩

  5. Hi darling….
    I was in a wonder world ❤️
    A beautiful msg conveyed in a v beautiful way… Love u
    Keep it up
    Looking for more 😍

    1. Biya Zia Ahmed

      Allah Allah Allah…
      Hiraaaaa.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘🥰🥰🥰
      Lovu u.. 🥰😘

  6. The Novel was amazing…and my fvrt one in this novl is “Ali” and “Zain”.I have no words to explain it.It is a very heart touching novl and informative.

  7. Syeda Zainab Ali Naqvi

    Another masterpiece by Biya Ahmed. Loved it. You do wonders with your words. I was planning to read it after the download link came but in the end, I couldn’t resist the temptation of reading your novel as you are one of my favourite writers💕❤.May Allah bless you

  8. Amazing writing skills biya really u are magician
    Very heart touching novel really i have no words to express my feelingzzzz
    God bless u biya alwayzzzzzzz

  9. Biya Zia Ahmed

    Assalam o Alaikum..
    Jazaaakillahu khair.. ❤️❤️
    Tareef us Allah ki jisne is tehreer k Har Har lafz ko apne Noor ki roshni se roshan kiya.. ❤️
    Mera koi kamal nai literally bus itna samajh lijijeye..
    Is tehreer ka aik aik lafz Us Rabb k naam per likha hai, tu isey izzat or pyar bhi wahi Rabb ata karaha hai..
    Alhumdulillah.. ❤️❤️
    Aap logun ki duaaon per Allah aap sab ko jazaye khair ata kare.. ❤️❤️
    Ameen summa Ameen.. 🥰🥰😘😘

  10. HR ghr Ki kahani…..I reaLly love this novel…..bht khubsurat kirdar bayan Kia gya ha Zain Ahmad ka……or is Ki shukr guzari ka or Maryam k lye muhabbat ….biya ap ne bht bht bht acha Likha ha…..alfaz nhi Hain bayan krney ko…. ALLAH ap ko zindagi main kamiyabiyan ata kre aameen …

    ALLAH bless you

    Very heart touching novel……..I have no words….bht kuch sikhney ko b Mila….or insaha ALLAH is pr Amal b krun gi….

  11. Ameen for the prayers at the end.bia dear ur novel is really amazing,zain like characters r very much rare in the world but a writer tries to share his positivity through his imaginations with his readers.refrence of Quran and sunnah really awesome,how should we spend r Ramadan day while fasting really nice.how a Man should b when he is a father,husband,son u discribe vey well and same for the woman.u have shared very good things with us and we should try to learn them and apply in r lives too.may Allah bless u always with happiness and prosperity and all the comforts of life and thereafter,ameen.

  12. JazakAllah bohat zaberdast novel tha zain ka character love tha , itnay aachay say quran ki roshni say samjhaya Alfaz nahi meray pas
    Allah hum sab ko toufeeq atta kare ameen

  13. I have no words….its to heart touching… Thank u bcz its so informative….Allah will always bless u…

  14. Muntaha Fatima

    Amazing. Bohot hi alag or behtreeen novel aesa novel parha nhi aj tk bohot hi ziada axha ha

  15. Superb novel ,starting was average then here it goes with our biya’s magic and it was too gud n if ask about my favorite character then it was our lil angel” Ali”❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. MashaAllah bohat hi acha likha hai………a great lesson for all of us………Allah hame bhi itna hi shukr guzar aur sabir banda banne ki tufiq ata farmaye.

  17. The novel is absolutely amazing i dont know how to describe it but i loved each and every second of it biya if u are reading this plizz accept all my love to your amazing and fabulous writings i have read all of your novels and i must say each one was amazing them last one so keep it up and i want your next novel soon plizzzz

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