Reader’s Poll – Results

As you are all aware, The Beam Magazine had organized a Reader’s Poll. The purpose of the poll was to encourage the novels/novelettes that did not achieve the level of success that they should have. Another purpose was to select the best from the best afsane published in the past year on our website.

The nominated novels/novelettes were:

Tees Sawaal by Matia Jahan

Main Gali Gali Musafir by Ayesha Jabee

Dil Yeh Ziddi Bada by Momena Balouch

Ishq Na Puchy Zat by Arshad Abrar Arsh

Dil Baich Aayen Jaan Baich Aayen by Filza Khan

The nominated afsane were:

Main Biwi aur Mohabbat by Samar Afzal

Jeetay Na Tujhay Haaray by Mahwish Talib

Zindagi Haseen Hai by Jiya Zubairi

Duaye Dil by Maham Ansari

Saayian Zaat Adhuri Hai by Zainab Aliya

Raahe Khuda pe Gamazn by Bint e Syed

Based on the opinion of our Readers, the winners are as follows:

Dil Yeh Ziddi Bada by Momena Balouch


Duaye Dil by Maham Ansari.

The Beam Magazine congratulates the winners. Their prizes will be handed over to them shortly.

The Beam Magazine Team

3 thoughts on “Reader’s Poll – Results”

  1. Hammad Baloch

    Congratulation , Momena Baloch ,
    This is Not about winning you should write more and more , take this success as encourage for more good stuff.

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