Lonely by Nehan Masood

The Beam Magazine presents an English poem ‘Lonely‘ by Nehan Masood.

Lonely by Nehan Masood


It was a snowy evening of winter,

When from my window I noticed a stranger.

For hours he kept sitting on a bench alone,

He didn’t care that it was getting colder.


I was curious to know about the problem,

So I ran out wearing a jacket of leather.

As I approached him, he painfully said,

“Nothing else but, love is all the matter.

I have chosen this punishment for myself,

I have to be alone waiting forever.

But I don’t wanna complain to anyone,

You know, it’s rule, lovers have to suffer!”


I turned silently in a shock,

Not listening to such crap was better.

But today, as I walk in the snow,

Not caring about the extremeness of weather.

Holding some dried flowers in my hand,

Living in the moments which will last forever,

I realize that I also have to wait now,

Yes, of course, it’s rule, lovers have to suffer!


(Nehan Masood)


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